Thoroughbred Horse Database

Name:                              Sia Show Hneu (THA)
Microchip No:            933076400542364
Country of Birth:     THAILAND
Sex:                                   Stallion
Color:                              Chestnut
Year of Birth:              2019
Status:                             Horse racing
Sire:                                  Wilko                     (USA)
Dam:                                Burning Up         (AUS)
Grandsire:                    Giant’s Causeway  (USA)

Full Name: Giant's Causeway
Color: ch
Years: 1997

Full Name: Ultimate Fever (AUS)
Color: ch
Years: 2000

Full Name: Storm Cat
Color: dkb
Years: 1983

Full Name: Mariah's Storm
Color: b
Years: 1991

Full Name: Gold Fever
Color: ch
Years: 1993

Full Name: Ultimate Jester (AUS)
Color: b
Years: 1990