Thoroughbred Horse Database

Name:                             Burning Up (AUS)
Microchip No:               985100010856361
Country of Birth:          AUS
Sex:                                  Mare
Color:                              Chestnut
Year of Birth:                2005
Status:                            Mare Standing
Sire:                                Giant’s Causeway (USA)
Dam:                               Ultimate Fever (AUS)
Grandsire:                     Gold Fever (AUS)


Marks: Whorl at midline above upper eye level and small star, Mix hairs down bridge of nose ending between nostrils, Whorls at middle third crest left and right, Whorls at jaw both side, Right hind limb: white to upper cannon, Number 98 above 5 on right shoulder, Club band on left shoulder

– Navy Blue Color = Stallions
– Pink Color = Mares

Full Name: Giant's Causeway
Color: ch
Years: 1997

Full Name: Ultimate Fever (AUS)
Color: ch
Years: 2000

Full Name: Storm Cat
Color: dkb
Years: 1983

Full Name: Mariah's Storm
Color: b
Years: 1991

Full Name: Gold Fever
Color: ch
Years: 1993

Full Name: Ultimate Jester (AUS)
Color: b
Years: 1990

Full Name: Storm Bird
Color: b
Years: 1978

Full Name: Terlingua
Color: ch
Years: 1976

Full Name: Rahy
Color: ch
Years: 1985

Full Name: Immense
Color: b
Years: 1979

Full Name: Forty Niner
Color: ch
Years: 1985

Full Name: Lead Kindly Light
Color: b
Years: 1983

Full Name: Rory's Jester (AUS)
Color: ch
Years: 1982

Full Name: Supreme Regal (AUS)
Color: br
Years: 1983