Thoroughbred Horse Database

Name:                              Amor De Rey (AUS)
Microchip No:                985100010833270
Country of Birth:          AUS
Sex:                                  Mare
Color:                              Chestnut
Year of Birth:                2005
Status:                            Mare Standing
Sire:                                Dubai Destination (USA)
Dam:                               Poets’ Best (AUS)
Grandsire:                     Our Poetic Prince (AUS)


Marks: Whorl at midline above upper eye level, Whorls at middle third crest left and right, Whorls at jaw both side, Whorl at throat, Number 23 above 5 on right shoulder, Band on left shoulder

– Navy Blue Color = Stallions
– Pink Color = Mares

Full Name: Dubai Destination
Color: b
Years: 1999

Full Name: Poets' Best (AUS)
Color: b
Years: 1999

Full Name: Kingmambo
Color: b
Years: 1990

Full Name: Mysterial
Color: dkb
Years: 1994

Full Name: Our Poetic Prince (AUS)
Color: br
Years: 1984

Full Name: Biretta (AUS)
Color: ch
Years: 1987

Full Name: Mr.Prospector
Color: b
Years: 1970

Full Name: Miesque
Color: b
Years: 1984

Full Name: Alleged
Color: b
Years: 1984

Full Name: Mysteries
Color: b
Years: 1986

Full Name: Yeats
Color: b
Years: 1976

Full Name: Finisterre (AUS)
Color: b
Years: 1979

Full Name: Best Western (AUS)
Color: ch
Years: 1978

Full Name: Redhood (AUS)
Color: ch
Years: 1980