Thoroughbred Horse Database

Name:                               Achira (THA)
Microchip No:             933076400530692
Country of Birth:       THAILAND
Sex:                                     Stallion
Color:                                Bay
Year of Birth:               2018
Status:                              Horse racing
Sire:                                   Justy (USA)
Dam:                                 Cardinorahclaryana (USA)
Grandsire:                     Forest Wildcat (USA)


Marks:Whorl at midline upper eye level in star connected thin stripe along left bridge of nose ending in left nostril, Whorl at upper third crest left and right, Whorl at left jaw, LH: White to coronet, RH: White to fetlock, Whorl at posterior cannon both hind leg

Navy Blue Color = Stallions
Pink Color = Mares