NameColoryearsSireDamGrand DamProductsFarm / OwnerStatus
Alpha Amazon (CAN)bay2002Wild Rush (USA)Unbridled Woman (USA)Unbridled (USA)Demo = ValueRattanapornMare
Amor De Rey (AUS)ch2005Amor De Rey (AUS)Amor De Rey (AUS)Our Poetic Prince (AUS)Demo = ValueThai AmyDied
Burning Up (AUS)ch2005Giant's Causeway (USA)Ultimate Fever (AUS)Gold Fever (AUS)2019 (Sep 19) ch c by Wilko (USA)RattanapornMare
Danish Love Match (AUS)br2007Danehill Dancer (IRE)Set And Match (NZ)Centaine (AUS)2018 (Feb 26) b f by Wilko (USA)RattanapornMare
Mataewan (THA)ch2011Tribal Rule (USA)Matawan (USA)Old Trieste (USA)Demo = ValueRattanapornMare
Demo1Color10001Sire1Alpha Amazon (CAN)Unbridled Woman (USA)Demo = ValueDemoAlive
Demo2Color20002Sire2Amor De Rey (AUS)Amor De Rey (AUS)Demo = ValueDemoAlive
Demo3Color30003Sire3Burning Up (AUS)Ultimate Fever (AUS)Demo = ValueDemoAlive
Demo4Color40004Sire4Danish Love Match (AUS)Set And Match (NZ)Demo = ValueDemoAlive
Demo5Color50005Sire5Mataewan (THA)Matawan (USA)Demo = ValueDemoAlive