Thoroughbred Horse Database

Name:                             Random Thought (AUS)
Microchip No:               NONE
Country of Birth:          AUS
Sex:                                  Mare
Color:                              Bay
Year of Birth:                2004
Status:                            Mare Standing
Sire:                                 Shrewdy (AUS)
Dam:                                Lady Of Jazz (NZ)
Grandsire:                      Grosvenor (NZ)


Marks:Whorl at midline and upper eye level in irregular star, Snip between nostril, Whorl at upper third crest on left, Whorls at middle third crest both sides, Whorls at jaw both sides, Whorl at throat, Tattoo: 11 above 4 on right shoulder, Tattoo:     L  on left shoulder

– Navy Blue Color = Stallions
– Pink Color = Mares

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