Thoroughbred Horse Database

Name:                                Baby Jane (THA)
Microchip No:              933076400530693
Country of Birth:       THAILAND
Sex:                                     Mare
Color:                                Bay
Year of Birth:                2018
Status:                              Horse racing
Sire:                                   Coal Play (USA)
Dam:                                 Dolly Dynamite (USA)
Grandsire:                     Lite the Fuse (USA)


Marks: Whorl at midline upper eye level below irregular star, Whorl at upper third crest both sides, Whorl at upper third jugular furrow both sides, Whorl at throat

Navy Blue Color = Stallions
Pink Color = Mares

Date Wight (Kg) Time (Min) Distance (m) Class Rank
29/05/2022 50.5 1.21.17 1,200 Miaden 12