Thoroughbred Horse Database

Name:                             Danak (IRE)
Microchip No:               985101028053202
Country of Birth:          CAN
Sex:                                  Stallion
Color:                              Brown
Year of Birth:                2003
Status:                            Sire Standing
Sire:                                 Pivotal (GB)
Dam:                                Daniysha (IRE)
Grandsire:                      Doyoun (IRE)


Marks: Whorl at midline and eye level below few white hairs, Whorls at middle third crest both sides, Whorl at throat, Whorl at lower third windpipe, left hind limb: White hairs to coronet higher inside and behind, Tattooed 40416 on upper lip.

– Navy Blue Color = Stallions
– Pink Color = Mares