Thoroughbred Horse Database

Name:                            Baja Morning (USA)
Microchip No:               NONE
Country of Birth:          USA
Sex:                                  Mare
Color:                              Brown
Year of Birth:                2005
Status:                            Mare Standing
Sire:                                Forestry (USA)
Dam:                              Confiding Winner (USA)
Grandsire:                    Confide (USA)


Marks:Medium irregular star connect short stripe ending at upper bridge of nose, Whorl at midline and upper eye level, Whorls at upper third crest both sides, Whorl at throat, Whorl at lower windpipe, Whorls at buttock both sides

– Navy Blue Color = Stallions
– Pink Color = Mares

Mare’s Produce Records

–  2018 (Apr 1) b f by Coal Play (USA), K.K. Farm.
–  2018 (Jun 12) b f Coal Play (USA), K.K. Farm.