NameColoryearsSireDamGrand DamStatus
A Good Yarn (AUS)br1997Capote (USA)Venturina (IRE)Taufan (USA)
Adios Amigas (USA)ch2001Crafty Prospector (USA)So Long Goodbye (USA)Housebuster (USA)
Adventurous Affair (AUS)ch1991Northern Adventure (USA)Foolish Affair (AUS)Dash O'Pleasure (USA)
Agitato (USA)ch2001Rhythm (USA) Polember (USA)Polish Navy (USA)
Alarming Factor (USA)gr1990Darn That Alarm (USA)Here's to Peg (USA)My Dad George (USA)
All Over (GER)dkb1995Law Society (USA)As Tu AS (USA)Irish River (FR)
Allwaysdancing (IRE)gr1991Dance of Life (USA)Lulubo (USA)Native Charger
Almujta (IRE)ch1995Mujtahid (USA)Almond Flower (IRE)Alzao (USA)
Ameerat-Blaadi (AUS)gr1990Kenmare (FR)Taj Eclipse (AUS)Taj Rossi (AUS)
Angry Angel (USA)b1985Cut Throat (GB)Harp (USA)Stop the Music (USA)
Animosity (AUS)b1994Twig Moss (FR)Our Annamay (NZ)Luskin Star (AUS)
Annual Dispersal (USA)b1993Dispersal (USA)Annual Apportion (USA)Private Account (USA)
Another Sari (NZ)b1988Babarooom (USA)Princess Sari (NZ)Wandering Eyes
Any Day Sweetheart (GB)ch1991Superlative (IRE)Salinity (NZ)Sali Standaan (FR)
Areej (AUS)br1998Snaadee (USA)Gretna Green (USA)Hansel (USA)
Ascend (AUS)dkb ot br1991Hegemony (IRE)Rise (AUS)Kaoru Star (AUS)
Auenfeuer (GER)db1996Big Shuffle (USA)Auenmaid (GER)Lucino (GB)
Auenglut (GER)b1995Big Shuffle (USA)Auenmaid (GER)Luciano (GB)
Aviatrix (GB)b1996Cosmonaut (GB)Araqueen (GER)Konigsstuhl (GER)
Back Seat (AUS)ch1995Procol Harum (NZ)Canooding (AUS)Lunchtime (GB)
Bacon (THA)ch1997Lord Avie (USA)Double Time Blues (USA)Nodouble (USA)
Bargains Galore (USA)dkb1995Cryptoclearance (USA)Geraldine's Store (USA)Exclusive Native (USA)
Bayeux (USA)b1990Ack Ack (USA)Lotareason (USA)Hail to Reason
Bayou (AUS)b1995Procol Harum (AUS)Balmahal (NZ)Balmerino (NZ)
Be My Choice (GB)ch1992Be My Chief (USA)Hence (USA)Mr.Prospector (USA)
Benefit Bess (AUS)b1987Benefit Performer (USA)Lil Bess (AUS)Egmont (IRE)
Better Be Queen (AUS)dkb or br1988Northern Adventure (USA)Brightly Shining (AUS)Gay Gambler (USA)
Better Than Normal (USA)ch1998Corporate Report (USA)Why Be Normal (USA)Spring Double (USA)
Biggenden (USA)ch1985Nodouble (USA)Pago Lady (USA)Pago Pago (USA)
Bijou Flavour (NZ)b1988Noble Bijou (USA)French FlavourZamazaan (FR)
Blue Tess (AUS)b1994Bureaucracy (NZ)Penny Lace (AUS)Aurealis (AUS)
Blushing Beam (NZ)br1991Centaine (AUS)Union Springs (USA)Blushing Groom (FR)
Blushing Dancer (CAN)dkb or br1992Blushing John (USA)Lock's Dream (USA)Youth (USA)
Bold Rigatta (CAN)b1991Bold Revenue (USA)Ms.Riggs (USA)Green Ticket
Bon Ton Belle (AUS)b1997Bellotto (USA)Bone Bouche (AUS)Imperial Baron (AUS)
Bonus Money (THA)br1998Dance On a Rainbow (USA)Stop n Watch (USA)Bering (GB)
Borealis Dancer (AUS)b1998Clang (AUS)Our Danseuse (AUS)Yeats (USA)
Bouquets (AUS)br1993Canny Lad (AUS)Planet's Rose (AUS)Planet Kingdom (AUS)
Brasseur (USA)ch1993Lomond (USA)Sweet Valentine (USA)Honey Jay (USA)
Brawl (USA)b1986Fit To Fight (USA)Vive La Liberte (FR)Jim French (USA)
Brisbane (AUS)b1995Tristram (NZ)Star of Baglaga (AUS)Sir Dapper (AUS)
Brook Road (AUS)b1994Export Price (FR)Playful Princess (AUS)Gay Sovereign (GB)
Buckley Wish (THA)ch1998Buckly Boy (USA)Cheese Wish (USA)Lyphard's Wish
Burnet Lass (AUS)br or blk1992Castalia (AUS)Triangle Toss (AUS)Sadar (AUS)
Caitie Bar (AUS)b1997Barathea (IRE)Caitie - EB (AUS)Dalmacia (NZ)
Canard (USA)b1992Danzig Connection (USA)Dear Ducky (USA)Quack (USA)
Capitol Sabotage (USA)gr1990Capitol South (USA)Hatchets Honey (USA)Hatchet Man (USA)
Carrie Jane (USA)ch1997Cutlass Reality (USA)Copse (USA)Belia (USA)
Catalina (THA)ch1998King Marauding (AUS)Super Penny (GB)Superlative (IRE)
Catrella (AUS)ch1997Catrail (USA)Grosvenor's Arch (NZ)Grosvenor (NZ)
Centex Lass (AUS)br1988Century (AUS)Botex (USA)Free Tex (USA)
Chapel Grey (NZ)gr1997College Chapel (GB)Balm (NZ)Shy Rambler (USA)
Chapel Wells (AUS)b1997Naturalism (NZ)Chapel Light (USA)Blushing Groom (FR)
Cheese Wish (USA)ch1985Lyphard's Wish (FR)Chedder Pink (USA)Olden Times
Cheng Wub (THA)ch1998Buckley Boy (USA)Dear Ducky (USA)
Choke Numsup (THA)ch1997Honor Grades (USA)Wadaz (USA)Trempolino (USA)
Chon Nipa (THA)ch1998Big Blow (GB)Viva for All (USA)Forli (ARG)
Christybaba (CAN)db or br1990El Baba (USA)C.B.'s Apple (USA)Verbatim (USA)
Citadella (AUS)b1989Overnite Express (USA)Braithwaite (NZ)Bold and Able (IRE)
Clever Angel (AUS)gr1996Kenmare (FR)Feisty Kate (AUS)Marscay (AUS)
Clever Caper (NZ)b1991Clay Hero (AUS)Anticlea (NZ)Bellissimo (FR)
Clouded Agent (AUS)ch1990Ideal Planet (AUS)Bold Caress (NZ)Diplomatic Agent (USA)
Diplomatic Agent (USA)br1989Königsstuhl (GER)Cocotte (GER)Kaiseradler (GER)
Code of Faith (USA)dkb or br1992Lost Code (USA)Perfect Profile (USA)Stop the Music (USA)
Cold Feet (USA)gr1995Runaway Groom (USA)Polar Bear (USA)Hoist the Flag (USA)
Costly Surprise (GER)ch1996Lomitas (GB)Costly Mood (FR)Jalmood (USA)
Country Custom (USA)ch1984Secreiariat (USA)Quilting Bee (USA)Tom Rolfe (USA)
Craftily (USA)b1992Crafty Prospector (USA)Barbara's Moment (USA)Super Moment (USA)
Crowfoot (USA)b1997Farma Way (USA)Flk Dog (USA)Lost Code (USA)
Current Girl (USA)db or br1990Little Current (USA)Princess Girl (USA)Cornish Prince
Cuvette (USA)b1991Sarawak (USA)cuvee (USA)Buckpasser
Dame Kingston (AUS)br1987Prince Of Kingston (AUS)My Portia (AUS)Showdown (GB)
Dancingtothemusic (CAN)b1989Stop the Music (USA)Frambrosia (USA)Villamor (USA)
Danish Prospector (USA)b1989Miswaki (USA)Rossard (DEN)Glacial (USA)
Dante's Brew (USA)b1991Miswaki (USA)Acharmer (USA)Al Hattab (USA)
Danzarose (NZ)br1991Danzatore (CAN)Marie Nuage (FR)Luthier (FR)
Darwin Bullet (AUS)br1995Tristram (NZ)Kala Vita (AUS)Kala Dancer (GB)
Dawn Flver (AUS)b1990Bluebird (USA)Heavenly Mist (AUS)Godwalk (USA)
Dear Ducky (USA)b1979Quack (USA)Flip-Top-Tail (USA)Francis S
Demi-Sec (AUS)br1991Semipalatinsk (USA)Cantankerous Kate (AUS)Silver Man (NZ)
Destar (USA)dkb or br1989Star de Naskra (USA)General Partner (USA)Understanding
Divine Love (USA)ch2000Fly So Free (USA)Divine (USA)Topsider (USA)
Dixie Belle (AUS)b1987Lord Seymour (IRE)Cottonwood Queen (NZ)Adios II (GB)
Dixie Sweep (USA)ch1998End Sweep (USA)Cincinnati Pops (USA)
Dolce Anna (GER)ch1993Aspros (GER)Dolce Vi (GER)Windwurf (GER)
Donna (AUS)ch1994Rise'N'Shine (AUS)Regal (AUS)Imperial Prince (IRE)
Donna Elvira (GER)ch1999Perugino (USA)Danzarina (GER)Aspros (GER)
Dora's Gold (USA)b1996Strike Gold (USA)Aplanadora (ARG)Atlas (ARG)
Double Time Blues (USA)ch1988Nodouble (USA)Think Blue (USA)Cornish Prince
Dream Girl (NZ)gr1989Sir Tristram (IRE)Ascent (AUS)Sovereign Edition (IRE)
Dream Life (AUS)ch1994Sovereign Edition (IRE)Kasuku (USA)Arctic (USA)
Dresden Gold (NZ)b1989Famous Star (GB)Famous Star (GB)
Dunlavin Miss (USA)b1994Danehill (USA)So Directed (GB)Homing (GB)
Dynamic Run (AUS)br1996Tristram (NZ)Thoughtful Girl (AUS)Private Thoughts (AUS)
Dynamite Lady (USA)gr1997Major Impact (USA)Gregorian's Sin (USA)Gregorian (USA)
Early Entry (USA)b1983Crow (FR)Fleet Run (USA)Nor (CAN)
East Society (GER)b1996Law Society (USA)Elacata (GER)Acatena (GER)
Easy On the Eye (IRE)ch1985Henbit (USA)Raise A Princess (USA)Raise A Native
Ekaysee (AUS)ch1997Racer's Edge (AUS)Arbury Hill (NZ)Sir Tristram (IRE)
Eleganza (USA)ch1993Cox's Ridge (USA)Zero Minus (USA)It's Freezing (USA)
Esba (USA)b1992Eastern Echo (USA)Miss Baja (USA)Mr. Leader (USA)
Esba. (USA)b1994Geiger Counter (USA)Cache (NZ)In The Purple (FR)
Eye Dropper (AUS)b1997Eagle Eyed (USA)Depot (USA)Alysheba (USA)
Feather Your Nest (AUS)br1988Eagling (GB)Yeletah Louise (AUS)Francis Bacon (IRE)
Feliosa (GER)b or br1995Nebos (GER)Felicienne (FR)Policeman (FR)
Ferebee (USA)br1987Nain Bleu (FR)Highland Mills (USA)Pia Star (USA)
First Grade (USA)ch1986Blade (USA)Vivacious Girl (USA)Royal Landy (USA)
Flag Fashion (USA)b1988Raja Baba (USA)Grand Char (USA)Crimson Satan (USA)
Flan (USA)ch1988Rare Performer (USA)Pudding Pop (USA)It's Freezing (USA)
Flotanga (AUS)b1992Flotilla (AUS)Watanga Native (USA)Our Native (USA)
Fly Away Girl (USA)gr1991Lost Code (USA)Lady Laurette (USA)Spectacular Bid (USA)
Flying Airhead (USA)b or br1997Flying Continental (USA)Majestic Airhead (USA)Simply Majestic (USA)
Flying Fantasy (AUS)b1997Flying Spur (AUS)Sibon (AUS)Bletchingly (AUS)
Foolish Reality (USA)dkb or br1989Foolish Pleasure (USA)Cute Little Moon (USA)Ack Ack (USA)
Forlisa (AUS)b2000Thunder Gulch (USA)Funny Tale (AUS)Rory's Jester (AUS)
Foxey Barron (AUS)b1999Langfuhr (CAN)Brave Barron (NZ)Whinavi (AUS)
Frantic Frances (USA)ch1994Henbane (USA)Sweet on Frisky (USA)Medieval Man (USA)
Free Bird (THA)b1997Brave Salute (AUS)Montaro (AUS)Francis Bacon (IRE)
Free Reign (USA)b1995Corporate Report (USA)Carrie Free (USA)Coastal (USA)
Frisco Girl (GER)b1997Astico (GER)Friscolina (GER)Nebos (GER)
Frizzy Flirt (USA)gr1993Slewvescent (USA)Village Flirt (USA)Secretariat (USA)
Gambola (GER)b1989Solo Dancer (GER)Glady Miss (GB)Star Appeal (IRE)
Garland in Bloombr1998Grosvenor (NZ)Brechin Rook (AUS)Arch Sculptor (GB)
Geeforce (IRE)ch1996Soviet Lad (USA)Great Pleasure (GER)Star Appeal (IRE)
Gig (FR)db1987Akarad (FR)Pram (FR)Fine Top (FR)
Ginseng (AUS)b or br1987Luskin Star (AUS)Hippety Hop (AUS)Three Legs (GB)
Glamorous Greek (USA)dkb or br1990Exclusive Era (USA)Greek Folly (USA)Forli
Gliding Musician (USA)ch1987The Minstrel (CAN)Easy Step (USA)Overskate (CAN)
Go For Green (GB)br1994Petong (GB)Guest List (IRE)Be My Guest (OSA)
Go Spending (AUS)br1995Prego (IRE)Spending (AUS)Turf Ruler (NZ)
Gold Bracelet (CAN)dkb or br1989Gold Crest (USA)Pretty Reason (USA)Hail to Reason
Gold Ring II (NZ)ch1991Omnicorp (NZ)Alcourt (NZ)Alvaro (GB)
Golden Eagle II (NZ)ch1991Gaius (IRE)Clearly Brave (AUS)Without Fear (FR)
Golden Morning (GER)b1996General Assembly (USA)Glorieuse Lady (FR)Le Glorieux (GB)
Golden Start (USA)b1991Forty Niner (USA)Maybe a Kiss (USA)Damascus
Gone Straight (USA)b1993Ogygian (USA)Tipsy Girl (USA)Raise a Cup (USA)
Good Time Gal (AUS)b1992Mister C. (USA)Bonny Carlene (AUS)Le Cordonnir (GB)
Graceful (THA)ch2000Disco (USA)Silly Billie (USA)Buckaroo (USA)
Great Passion (IRE)ch1993Great Commotion (USA)Foolish Passion (USA)Secretariat (USA)
Haloed Princess (CAN)b1989Regal Remark (USA)Seraphim (USA)Halo (USA)
Hata (FR), gr, 1988gr1988Kaldoun (FR)Hamada (FR)Habitat (USA)
Hate to Lose (AUS)br1990Best Western (AUS)Nepean Nellioe (AUS)Gypsy Kingdom (AUS)
High Bid (USA)gr1994High Brite (USA)Outside Observer (USA)Spectacular Bid (USA)
Hilary Dawn (USA)gr1988Grey Dawn II (FR)Coral Cream (USA)Cre dela Creme (USA)
Hitam Manis IV (NZ)blk1987Dual Kingdom (AUS)Truffles (NZ)Philoctetes (GB)
Hurry Seurry (AUS)br1996Canadian Silver (CAN)Untold (AUS)Balmerniro (NZ)
Huttaya (THA)br1997Bucksplasher (USA)Magic 'N' Ice (USA)Clever Trick (USA)
I'm Chantel (USA)dkb ot br1985I'm Glad (ARG)Santenay (ARG)Good Manners (USA)
Iao Valley (USA)dkb ot br1992Prime Assett (GB)Lady Babbie (USA)Pack Trip
Idle Hour (USA)ch1995Glided Time (USA)Eunice Mullis (USA)T.V.Lark (USA)
In the Habit (AUS)ch1995Northern Fred (USA)Fair Habit (AUS)Biscay (AUS)
Indian Paradise (USA)b1991Mt.Livermore (USA)Yasmean (USA)Raja Baba (USA)
Innocent Party (USA)dkb or br1992Star de Naskra (USA)Sue Me Not (USA)Verbatim (USA)
Intimacy (USA)dkb or br1990Al Nasr (FR)Apalachee Princess (USA)Apalachee (USA)
Into the Blue (AUS)br2000Polish Navy (USA)Hurricane Gay (AUS)Palace Music (USA)
Iron Girl (NZ)ch1992Hula Town (NZ)Festivity (NZ)Val du Fier (FR)
Island Mirage (USA)gr1990Gray Dawn IIVirginia Isle (USA)Chios (USA)
Jetting Trip (USA)ch1991Half a Year (USA)Laura's Jet (USA)Wajima (USA)
Julia Top (GER)b or br1997Top Waltz (FR)Julia Girl (GB)Julio (GB)
Kailash Devi (USA)ch1997Anjiz (USA)Yazma (USA)Palace Music (USA)
Katina (GER)db1991Orfano (GER)Katrina (GER)Windwurf (GER)
Keep Success (GER)ch1996Young Daniel (USA)Kaiserehre (GER)Dance In Time (CAN)
Kilcurley (AUS)b1998Vettori (IRE)Kalzao (IRE)Alzao (USA)
King's Princess (IRE)ch1993Ela-Mana-Mou (IRE)Kundrie (GER)Luciano (GB)
Kissel (GB)b1992Warning (GB)Ice Chocolate (USA)Icecapade (USA)
Kowloon (GER)gr or br1999Monsun (GER)Kaiserfreude (IRE)Kenmare (FR)
Krakau (IRE)b1995Wings (GB)Konigsblute (GER)Cortez (GER)
Kwandara (THA)b1997Slew City Slew (USA)Destar (USA)Star de Naskra (USA)
Kwanjai Chaiyo (THA)b1997Prized (USA)Intimacy (USA)Al Nasr (FR)
Kwanjai KT (THA)b1998Land Grant (USA)Duet (USA)Blushing John (USA)
Kwanpranee (THA)br1997Know Fact (USA)Get Together (USA)Blushing John (USA)
Kwanroong (THA)br1997Alydeed (CAN)Speak Southern (CAN)Irish Tower (USA)
La Blurrita (USA)b1989Murrtheblurr (USA)Gatita (USA)Soy Numero Uno (USA)
La Canaria (GER)ch1990Glint of Gold (GB)La Revue (GER)Twilight Alley (GB)
La Luce (GB)ch1995Niniski (USA)La Joie (GER)Acatenanago (GER)
La Vedette (MAL)ch1995Maizcay (AUS)Patches (AUS)Northern Regent (CAN)
Lady Be Brave (AUS)b1990Brave Show (AUS)Nick's Lady (AUS)Saturn Ring (AUS)
Lady Emily (AUS)b1995Green Line Express (USA)War Gypsy (AUS)Rascolnik (GB)
Lady Line (NZ)b1990Sackford (USA)Flotation (USA)Cresta Rider (USA)
Lady Melbury (AUS)ch1995Shalford (IRE)Eponine (AUS)Brondesbury (IRE)
Lady O'Luck (THA)b1997Brave Salute (AUS)Lady Be Brave (AUS)Brave Show (AUS)
Lake Nona (AUS)br1992Noalcoholic (FR)Rockettes (AUS)Lord Seymour (IRE)
Lanzarote (AUS)b1995Ignatius (USA)Harbou Island (AUS)Australian
Last Notion (USA)ch1991Turkoman (USA)Sweet Libby (USA)Riverman (USA)
Le Stephi (USA)ch1993Shanekite (USA)Stephanie's Style (USA)Maheras (USA)
Lee (AUS)ch1998Brocco (USA)Windies (AUS)Century (AUS)
Leech Maid (NZ)b1992Imperial Seal (GB)La Vin D'or (NZ)Lavinsky (IRE)
Let's Roll (AUS)gr1990Tumbledownwind (IRE)Green Star (NZ)Markella (FR)
Lexie (USA)b1993Water Bank (USA)Silhouette (USA)Star Choice (USA)
Little Bloom (THA)b1996Salt Lake (USA)Cristybaba (CAN)El Baba (USA)
Little Bunker (USA)dkb or br1988Ack Ack (USA)Royal Realm (USA)Blood Royal (USA)
Love on the Run (AUS)br1996Success Express (USA)Brief (USA)Foolish Pleasure (USA)
Macleay Touch (AUS)ch1989Zabaleta (USA)Haliburton Forest (CAN)Silent Screen (USA)
Madame Diva (AUS)ch1993Palace Music (USA)Sardinia (ARG)Fort de France (ARG)
Magic'n Ice (USA)dkb ot br1989Clever Trick (USA)Peaches (USA)J.O. Tobin (USA)
Magic Star (GER)db1996Dashing Blade (GB)Medias Love (GER)Solo Dancer (GER)
Mah Khunnoi (THA)b1997Pick up the phone (USA)Cuvette (USA)Sarawak (USA)
Makeda (GER)b1994Scenic (IRE)Misniniski (IRE)Niniski (USA)
Maneeduangjai (THA)b1997De Niro (USA)Personal's Love (USA)Wajima (USA)
Margaux Sixty One (USA)dkb or br1988Greinton (GB)Madam Flutterby (USA)Judger (USA)
Ma's Prospect (GER)b1992Diamond Prospect (USA)Markina (GER)Rocket (GB)
Maye Higgs (USA)gr1995Quest For Fame (GB)Dawn Express (USA)Native Charger
McMahan (USA)dkb or br1987Kirtling (IRE)Trevera (USA)Peace Corps (USA)
Melee (AUS)br1991Genghiz (USA)Miss Zadic (NZ)Crested Wave (USA)
Melrose Street (AUS)b1995Bonhomie (USA)Melrose Lily (AUS)Lord Seymore (IRE)
Midnight Gabber (USA)ch1989Summing (USA)Dazzling Discovery (USA)Hali the Pirates (USA)
Military Starlet (AUS)b or br1990Military Plume (NZ)Star of Casitas (NZ)Star Way (GB)
Mille Grazie (GER)db1997Tirol (IRE)Miss Eliador (IRE)Bluebird (USA)
Miss Bonnat Sweep (USA)b1996End Sweep (USA)Bonnat Ehrie (USA)Clever Trick (USA)
Miss Michelle (AUS)ch1991Marauding (NZ)Starling (AUS)Luskin Star (AUS)
Miss Sugar Cane (THA)ch1995Luskin Star (AUS)Zediforce (AUS)Zeditave (AUS)
Miss Tiger Lily (AUS)b1998Zeditave (AUS)Legendary Lady (NZ)Marceau (AUS)
Mistine (THA)b1995Presidential (USA)Unmastered (USA)Top Command (USA)
Moccaholic (AUS)br1988Noalcoholic (FR)Mocca Pan (AUS)True Statement (USA)
Molta (GER)b1996Goofalik (USA)Molto Allegra (GER)Nebos (GER)
Moon Brightia (AUS)br1993At Talaq (USA)Courtwood (GB)Touching Wood (USA)
More Shine (NZ)b1991Red Glow (GB)Queen Tahmoor (USA)Our Hero (USA)
Moss Dancer (NZ)br1988Twig Moss (FR)Maddalena (NZ)Taipan II (USA)
Motorway (AUS)b1993Bluebird (USA)Road to Glory (AUS)Providea (IRE)
Moving Appeal (USA)ch1985Valid Appeal (USA)Fluid Movement (USA)Le Fabuleux
Mrs.Haverchat (AUS)gr1992Kala Dancer (GB)Annie V (USA)Barrera (USA)
Musical Island (USA)ch1995Sefapiano (USA)Sefa's Island (USA)Big Bold Sefa (USA)
Myalla Belle (AUS)b1995Bellotto (USA)Shirley's Planet (AUS)Conne Kingdom (USA)
My Sal's Gal (USA)b1991The Carpenter (USA)Princess Sal (USA)L'Natural (USA)
My Sweetheart (NZ)ch1992Kings Island (IRE)Belamina (NZ)Coin of Gold (GB)
Naag Nai Fun (THA)br1994El Prado (IRE)My Fantazy (USA)Northern Jove (CAN)
Nabana (GER)b1994Sure Blade (USA)Nobel Girl (GER)Esclavo (FR)
Nature's Fury (USA)b or br1994Pirate's Bounty (USA)Fallen Angel (USA)Grenfall (USA)
Never Sure (GER)b1993Sure Blade (USA)Ninisterna (GB)Solarstern (FR)
No Joke (AUS)ch1995Crown Jester (AUS)Phanessa (AUS)Aurealis (AUS)
No Retro (AUS)b1990Myocard (NZ)Chentani (AUS)Royal Rocket (GB)
Nong Pleang (THA)ch2000Presidential (USA)Peaceful Bay (AUS)Biscay (AUS)
Notable Dance (THA)b2000Disco (USA)Notable Music (USA)Stop the Music (USA)
Notable Music (USA)b1992Stop the Music (USA)Rani (USA)Raja Baba
Nothing As Sweet (AUS)ch1995Northern Fred (USA)Sweet Something (AUS)Luskin Star (AUS)
Off the Bench (USA)ch1991Ogygian (USA)On the Bench (USA)Good Behaving (USA)
Oh So Shaadi (GER)db1991Shaadi (USA)Orellana (GER)Tompion (USA)
Oktett (GER)db1988Gunner B (GB)Osanna (GER)Alpenkönig (GER)
Ontaria (GER)br1992Surumu (GER)Oltenia (GER)Ilix (GER)
Ophi (GER)b1997Astico (GER)Orcana (GER)Big Shuffle (USA)
Orient Lady (THA)gr1999Brave Salute (AUS)Orienteering (AUS)Shear Walk (IRE)
Our Miz Waki (CAN)ch1991Miswaki (USA)Gregale (CAN)Grey Dawn II
Our Plan (AUS)b1989Christmas Tree (AUS)Devise (AUS)Luskin Star (AUS)
Our Style (AUS)br1988Classic Style (NZ)In the Know (AUS)Star Moss
Pagemaker (USA)dkb ot br1992Private Terms (USA)Main Chance (USA)Elocutionist (USA)
Painterly (USA)b1994Sovereign Dancer (USA)Hey Janie (USA)Seattie Slew (USA)
Pantawesi (THA)ch1996Rock City (IRE)Be My Choice (GB)Be My Chief USA)
Papillon Roch (JPN)ch1997White Stone (JPN)Mascot Star (JPN)Sakura Shori (JPN)
Paris Perfume (USA)ch1990Judge Smells (USA)Conga Miss (USA)Dewan (USA)
Paris Puppet (AUS)b1999Rory's Jester (AUS)Paris Soir (NZ)Centro (NZ)
Passing Clouds (AUS)gr1990Bluebird (USA)Aureana (FR)Zeddaan (GB)
Patty Dancer (USA)b1997Wall Street Dancer (USA)Elapaso Patty (USA)Hopeful Venture (USA)
Peace (NZ)gr1993Sir Tristram (IRE)Havaine (NZ)Centaine (AUS)
Peaceful Bay (AUS)ch1982Biscay (AUS)Better Image (AUS)Better Boy (IRE)
Penang Belle (NZ)ch1984Solaboy (USA)Shiffui (NZ)Shifnal (AUS)
Per Favore (GER)dkb1989Armistice Day (GB)Pommerland (GER)Dschingis Khan (GER)
Perfect Match (FR)b1982Kris (GB)Vwonica (FR)Mr. Alan Clore
Perform for Sarah (USA)ch1991Peterhof (USA)Reputation (USA)Hillary
Personal's Love (USA)ch1988Wajima (USA)Lets Be Personal (USA)Grey Dawn II
Petiole (NZ)ch1989Star Way (GB)Spruce (NZ)Gate Keeper (GB)
Pet-ra-yar (THA)b or br1997Scherando (USA)Gracielle (USA)Caccu Road (USA)
Phantom's Darlin (USA)br1993Phantom Circult (USA)Midnight (USA)Dark Noble (USA)
Phone the Bride (USA)ch1991Phone Trick (USA)June Bride (USA)Riverman (USA)
Pianiste (NZ)ch1990Western Symphony (USA)Contwig (AUS)Twig Moss (NZ)
Pimpala Breeze (AUS)b1995Monogahela (USA)East Berlin (AUS)Bletchingly (AUS)
Pine Sally (AUS)br1992Salieri (AUS)Lady Biscay (AUS)Biscay (AUS)
Planet Zam (AUS)ch1994Ideal Planet (AUS)Straw Ballot (NZ)Zamazaan (FR)
Play (AUS)ch1996Brocco (USA)Lake Magic (IRE)Lomand (USA)
Play the Star (AUS)b or br1988Staroka (AUS)Playday (AUS)Amun'ra (IRE)
Ploydang (THA)b1997Malagra (USA)Swiftly I Go (USA)Phone Trick (USA)
Poem (CAN)b1994Ascot Knight (CAN)Legal Rhythm (CAN)Drone (USA)
Polly's Quacker (USA)b1980Quack (USA)Parrot (USA)Damascus
Pop the Question (AUS)b2001Tale of the Cat (USA)Riverly (USALyphard (USA)
Pornphaya (THA)b1997Septieme Ciel (USA)Stop N Watch (USA)Bering (GB)
Potions and Poems (AUS)b1996Magic Ring (IRE)Love of Worde (AUS)Esperanto (USA)
Presume (AUS)br1997Jan Murray (USA)Happy Kin (AUS)Mister C (USA)
Princess Starkersb1989Graustark (USA)Day Away (USA)Caliburn
Princesse Niner (USA)b1990Forty Niner (USA)Lyphard's Princess (USA)Lyphard (USA)
Profit Show (AUS)b1994Scenic (IRE)Benefit Bess (AUS)Benefit former (USA)
Provoke (AUS)ch1994Palace Music (USA)Little Nuisance (AUS)Ahonoora (GB)
Pure Magic (AUS)ch1981Yeats (USA)Bidden Time (AUS)Mount Hagen (FR)
Purist (NZ)br1997Deputy Governor (USA)Miss Gilbert (NZ)Racing is Fun (USA)
Queen of Excess (NZ)b1998In Excess (IRE)Junior Queen (USA)Rare Performer (USA)
Queen of Kites (NZ)b1987Black Kite (AUS)Sunnydown (AUS)Showdown (GB)
Queen Omah (IRE)b1996Dolphin Street (FR)Quilting (GB)Mummy's Pet (GB)
Quinta Do Lago (AUS)br1992Palace Music (USA)Haig Point (AUS)Sovereign Rocket (AUS)
Radio City (AUS)b1985Estaminet (GB)Melodeon (NZ)Mellay (GB)
Radiologist (USA)b1992Sir Harry Lewis (USA)Ohio Plum (USA)Ohio Plum Bold (USA)
Raisa's Troupe (USA)b1988Moscow Ballet (USA)Edarica (USA)Run of Luck (USA)
Rancho Auro (AUS)ch1994Rancher (AUS)Gilt Kingdom (AUS)Tattenham (AUS)
Red Halo (USA)dkb or br1987Red Ryder (USA)Dustin's Halo (USA)Halo (USA)
Regal Blush (USA)b1993Blushing John (USA)Imperial Star (USA)Imperial Fling (USA)
Renewed (AUS)b1995Night Shiet (USA)Fu Shou (AUS)Swiftly Morgan (USA)
Ribbons and Curls (NZ)br1989Centaine (AUS)Happy Inn (NZ)Marceau (AUS)
River Queen (GER)ch1995Mondrian (GER)Rag Queen (USA)Riverman (USA)
Rona (AUS)ch2000Grand Lodge (USA)La Cadeau (AUS)Seventh Hussar (FR)
Rorshac (AUS)br1990Last Tycoon (IRE)Inkblot (NZ)Sovereign Edition
Rose of Adelaide (AUS)ch1986Benefit Performer (USA)La Mouche (IRE)Sun Prince (IRE)
Rose of Cornwall (AUS)br1996Bluebird (USA)Baby Marie (GB)Jalmood (USA)
Running Away (IRE)ch1993Archway (IRE)How It Works (IRE)Commanche Run (GB)
Running Queen (AUS)b or br1995Tristram (NZ)Thoughtful Girl (AUS)Private Thoughts (AUS)
Sabayon (AUS)b1988Realisateur (USA)Famished (AUS)Lunchtime (GB)
Sabinal Gal (USA)dkb or br1993J.O. Tobin (USA)Linda Summers (USA)Crozier
Sagano Hiyaku (JPN)b1992Cutting Blade (IRE)Urakawasienne (JPN)Shinzan (JPN)
Sail At Dawn (USA)dkb or br1991Private Terms (USA)Gala Regatta (USA)Hoist the Flag (USA)
Salmon Rush (CAN)dkb or br1989Deputy Minister (CAN)Flying a (USA)Riverman (USA)
Sao Ma Mai (THA)ch1997Becquerel (USA)Dance for Jaybe (NZ)Dochester (FR)
Sara Derringer (USA)ch1992Grand Ruler (USA)Ribo's Eagle (USA)Riboronde (USA)
Saratoga Guest (AUS)ch1990What A Guest (IRE)Saratoga Scene (USA)Grey Dawn II (FR)
Sasomsup (THA)b or br1997Michael's Flyer (USA)Premium Pay Off (NZ)Desert Serpent (USA)
Satinga (GB)b1998Barathea (IRE)Shanghai Girl (GB)Distant Relative (IRE)
Savatree (USA)dkb or br1989Big Spruce (USA)Music Girl (USA)Stop the Music (USA)
Scarlett O'hara (GER)b1990Lagunas (GB)Solidago (USA)Decies (GB)
Scatterbrain (USA)ch1990Believe It (USA)Nijana (USA)Nijinsky II (CAN)
Scented Spray (NZ)ch1989Northern Baby (CAN)Rosespray (USA)Bagdad (USA)
Sea Shoal (AUS)br1997Sea Swell (AUS)Spanish Flute (AUS)Piccolino (USA)
Secret Stream (USA)b1991Topsider (USA)Chalk Stream (USA)Robellino (USA)
Seqoya (NZ)b1994Alquoz (USA)Red Dame (IRE)Gorytus (USA)
Shangainaise (AUS)gr1993Kenmare (FR)Secret (AUS)Marscay (AUS)
Shady Maid (AUS)br1987Bellwater (FR)Hello Shady (AUS)Oh Hello (USA)
Shecandoitall (USA)ch1990Apalachee (USA)Self Sufficient (USA)Tempa Trouble (USA)
Shell (AUS)b or br1999Ouest for Fame (GB)Marine (AUS)Marscay (AUS)
She's A Kiwi (NZ)br1989Kings Island (IRE)Noble Troika (NZ)Noble Bijou (USA)
Shewentthataway (USA)b1993Tunerup (USA)Third Power (USA)Three Bagger (USA)
Shoutitout (USA)ch1993Carson City (USA)Castilian Rose (USA)Temperence Hill (USA)
Sikita (GER)ch1985Surumu (GER)Scharja (IRE)Tap on Wood (IRE)
Slient Bird (USA)b1994Bluebird (USA)Non Stop Silence (USA)Silent en (USA)
Simply Serene (AUS)br1987Simonstad (NZ)Irenic Lady (AUS)Arch Sculptor (GB)
Sister Steve (USA)dkb or br1988Surreal (USA)Steve's Song (USA)Steve's Friend (USA)
Siyemper (GB)ch1991Creetown (GB)Frizzante (GB)Varano
Siyal Li'L Later (USA)ch1911Siyah Kalem (USA)Li'I Miss Nonsense (FR)Riverton (FR)
Skating to Victory (AUS)ch2003Flying Victory (USA)Skating a Way (USA)Lost Code (USA)
Sky Way (THA)b1997Geiger Counter (USA)Dear Ducky (USA)Quack (USA)
Smokin' Dixie (USA)ch1993Dixieland Band (USA)Cream Sauce (USA)Sauce Boat (USA)
Snuggle Nugget (USA)ch1998Crafty Prospector (USA)Anex (USA)ttle Slew (USA)
Solicitude (NZ)b1991Sackford (USA)Latitude (NZ)War Hawk II (GB)
Song Stylist (USA)b1987Mr. Leader (USA)Royal Rhymer (USA)Maste Hand (USA)
Sonthirat (THA)b or br1997Far out East (USA)Raisa's Troupe (USA)MOSCOW Ballet (USA)
Spirit Away (GB)b1987Dominion (GB)Jove's Voodoo (USA)Northern Jove (CAN)
Sripikul (THA)ch1997Williams Town (USA)Esba (USA)Eastern Echo (USA)
Star Görl (IRE)b1993Simply Great (FR)Star Girl (IRE)Sovereign Gleam (GB)
Star of Hope (NZ)b1995Famous Star (GB)Fieda Ma (NZ)Great Wall (GB)
State Stepper (USA)b1989State Dinner (USA)Soft Stepper (USA)Al Hattab (USA)
Stately Dane (USA)dkb or br1991Stately Don (USA)Rossard (DEN)Glacial (DEN)
Still Royal (AUS)gr1999Royal Abjar (USA)Still Rich (AUS)Silver Prospector (USA)
Stonechurch (USA)dkb or br1984Naskra (USA)Royal Rafale (USA)Reneged
Stop n Watch (USA)b1991Bering (GB)Double the Watch (USA)Nodouble (USA)
Suay Pichit (THA)b1999Seattle Snow (USA)Tunergirl (USA)Tunerup (USA)
Subtle Appeal (NZ)ch1995Star Way (GB)Illinois Bijou (NZ)Noble Bijou (USA)
Such A Myth (USA)dkb or br1984Pretense (USA)Lleddo (USA)Forli (USA)
Sudden Thought (USA)dkb or br1993Never Tabled (USA)Sudden Winds (USA)Winds of Thought (USA)
Sugar Cookie (USA)dkb or br1992I'll Raise You One (USA)Ohio Royal T. (USA)Winged T. (USA)
Summer Belle (AUS)br1991Bellotto (USA)Tower Belle (NZ)Prince (IRE)
Summer Fantasy (AUS)br1990Luskin Star (AUS)Summer Hut (NZ)Habitation (GB)
Summer Forever (CAN)dkb or br1992Sunshine Forever (USA)Tilly's Curve (USA)Raja Baba (USA)
Summer Set (THA)ch2001Enchanted World (IRE)Lady Line (NZ)Sackford (USA)
Super Penny (GB)ch1993Superlative (IRE)Smelter (IRE)Prominer
Surely (AUS)ch1987Serheed (USA)Purely Habit (AUS)Our Talisman (USA)
Suriniska (GER)ch1994Niniski (USA)Surikhana (USA)Surumu (GER)
Susie Diamond (GER)ch1998Master Willie (GB)Solidago (USA)Decies (GB)
Susie's Gift (AUS)ch1998Supremo (USA)Refund (AUS)
Sweet Baby (AUS)b1999Shagny (USA)Graceful Baby (AUS)Dr.Grace (NZ)
Sweet Business (USA)dkb or br1991Conquistador Cielo (USA)Arlecchina (USA)J.O.Tobin (USA)
Sweet Jaffa (GB)b1989Never So Bold (IRE)Spinelle (GB)Great Nephew
Swift Pleasure (AUS)b or br1984Swift Gun (AUS)Double Pleasure (AUS)George Spelvin (USA)
Swiftly I Go (USA)b1990Phone Trick (USA)Princess Cariola (IRE)Jaazeiro (USA)
Swinging Venture (AUS)ch1990Northern Adventure (USA)Dancin (AUS)Lord of the Dance (USA)
System (AUS)b1995Marauding (NZ)Gauge (AUS)Boucher Bour (USA)
Tai Ballad (AUS)b1984Biscay Ballad (AUS)Tai Brocade (NZ)Taipan
Talerngsok (THA)br1997Presidential (USA)Ascend (AUS)Hegemony (IRE)
Tamarind (AUS)b1980Kaoru Star (AUS)Tiny Bubbles (AUS)Nearchus (GB)
Tan Line (USA)ch1991Native Wizard (USA)Silk Panties (USA)Grenfall (USA)
Tara Road (USA)ch1998Vettori (IRE)Prime County (AUS)County (AUS)
Teica (GER)db1991Homing (GB)Trilby (GER)Dschingis Khan (GER)
Teocolli Mountain (USA)ch1991Slew the Coup (USA)Dream Leader (USA)Mr. Leader (USA)
Tessellation (AUS)br1992Twig Moss (FR)Appreciation (AUS)Sovereign Rocket (AUS)
Thailand Lady (USA)b1991Mari's Book (USA)Delidust (USA)Dust Commander (USA)
The Muscle (GB)b1991Muscovite (USA)The Queen (GER)Athengoras (GER)
The Wicked Stepper (USA)ch1999The Wicked North (USA)Two Steppin' Gal (USA)London Bells (CAN)
Thida Yord Ruk (THA)gr or br1997Silver Ghost (USA)Eleganza (USA)Cox's Ridge (USA)
Thunder Falls (AUS)ch1996Splendent (USA)Steal My Thunder (AUS)Steel Pulse (GB)
Time to Shine (AUS)b1994Hula Chief (NZ)Samsara Lady (NZ)Nassipour (USA)
Toast the Crown (USA)b1991Magesterial (USA)Key to Friendship (USA)Key To the Kingdom (USA)
Toffee (CAN)ch1999Barbeau (CAN)Tobie Ruckus (CAN)Bold Bu (USA)
Tomorrow the World (AUS)br1992Zabaleta (USA)Rule the World (USA)Iron Warrior (USA)
Tonne D'Amour (AUS)b1989Century (AUS)Unrequited Love (AUS)Seventh Hussar (FR)
Too Fit To Be Tied (USA)b1990Fighting Fit (USA)Crop O Gold (USA)Deck Hand
Top Form (USA)dkb or br1992Dynaformer (USA)She's On Top (USA)Bold Bidder
Top Power (USA)ch1992Papal Power (USA)Top up (NZ)Sound Reason (CAN)
Tour (AUS)b1995Canny Lad (AUS)Kalinda (AUS)Luskin Star (AUS)
Track Spy (AUS)b or br1987Biscawong (AUS)Make Mine Dollars (NZ)One Pound Sterling (GB)
Treasurer (USA)b1987Saratoga Six (USA)Nizhanee (USA)Pago Pago
Trevalsa (AUS)b1999Strategic (AUS)Raise a Century (AUS)Century (AUS)
Tribal Fire (AUS)b1997Pride of Kellina (AUS)Autumn Smoke (AUS)Immokalee (USA)
Tribulation (GER)br1993Konigsstuhl (GER)Toyah (GER)Lidhame (GB)
Tricky Starlet (USA)br1995Tricky Fun (USA)Easter Starlet (USA)Greenough (USA)
Troja (GER)b or br1992Windwurf (GER)Triple Crown (GER)Experte (GER)
Tullamore Lady (AUS)br1990Whiskey Road (USA)Texan Maid (FR)Targowice (USA)
Turakina (AUS)b1999Citidancer (IRE)Dunraine (NZ)Mr.Mcginty (NZ)
Twirling Judi (USA)b1989Who's For Dinner (USA)Whirling Twirl (USA)Minnesota Mac
Two For Barbie (USA)b1992Crafty Prospector (USA)Muffinette (USA)Verbatim (USA)
Tyson's Bite (AUS)b1992Magic Ring (IRE)Tatiana (AUS)Palace Music (USA)
Ultra Vires (MAL)b1995Hold your Fire (GB)Cash Express (NZ)Straight Strike (USA)
Una Celebrita (FR)b1994Dancing Spree (USA)Une Passion (GER)Prince Ippi (GER)
Very Soon (AUS)br1993King Hadrian (AUS)Perchance A Dream (AUS)Whiskey Road (USA)
Viva For All (USA)ch1979Forli (ARG)Mean Katrine (USA)Hasty Road (USA)
Vowel (USA)dkb or br1979Verbatim (USA)Prism (USA)Reflected Glory
Wadaz (USA)ch1991Trempolino (USA)Lyphard's Starlite (USA)Lyphard (USA)
Wake at Dawn (AUS)b1999Surtee (AUS)Dusky Flyer (AUS)Wynton Lad (AUS)
Wakita (GER)b1992Amerigo Vespucci (GER)Waldesruh (GER)Caracol (FR)
Washira (GB)b1999Most Welcome (GB)Wassl's Sister (GB)Troy (GB)
Welsh Note (USA)b1992Sharpen Up (GB)Gaelic Logic (USA)Bold Reason (GB)
What a Gal (AUS)b1987Sir Tristram (IRE)Tregoyd (NZ)Battie Waggon (GB)
Wide Circle (AUS)b1989Broad Reach (NZ)Miss Rersonality (AUS)Vibrant (GB)
Wild Fun (USA)b1988Wild Again (USA)One for Fun (USA)One for All (USA)
Williamberg (THA)b2000Disco (USA)Bargains Galore (USA)Crunta Clearance (USA)
Wings of Fortune (AUS)gr or br1998Eagle Eyed (USA)Sweet Pair a Dice (USA)
Wishful Thought (USA)br1992Phone Trick (USA)Eternally Hopeful (GB)Secretariat (USA)
Woody's Gold (AUS)ch2000Wood Man (USA)Zdenka (AUS)Wesle Symphony (USA)
Yingchaiyo (THA)ch1997With Approval (USA)Main Lady (CAN)NO Louder (CAN)
Ying Vassana (THA)br1993Savage Toss (ARG)Hard Currency (NZ)One Pound Sterling (GR)
Yord Dara (THA)b1993Snippets (AUS)Yellow Brass (AUS)Lord Dudley (AUS)
Yord Kallaya (THA)ch1993Ideal Planet (AUS)Wide Circle (AUS)Broad Reach (NZ)
Yord Pakchong (THA)b1997Personal Flag (USA)Shoutitout (USA)Town Crier (GB)
Yukitup (USA)b1994Irish Open (USA)Montgomery (USA)Dust Commander (USA)
Zaby's Lady (AUS)b1990Zabaleta (USA)Wedded Lady (USA)Blushing Groom (FR)
Zeditave Special (AUS)ch1992Zeditave (AUS)Premier Flight (AUS)Bungen Head (AUS)
Adorable (AUS)ch1989Bestebreuje (IRE)Due Respect (AUS)Without Fear (FR)
After Me (USA)b1993Nasty and Bold (USA)Flower of Spring (USA)Honest Pleasure(USA)
Agreeing (NZ)ch1985Imposing (AUS)Liza Nellie (NZ)Taipan
Akamare (FR)b or br1987Akarad (FR)River Mare (FR)Kenmare (FR)
Alamee Bayda (AUS)ch1984Brigand (USA)Dawina(AUS)Imperial Prince (IRE)
Always Fair (AUS)br1990Northern Adventure (USA)Valley Gal (AUS)Valley Forge (IRE)
Alzaloy (USA)b1984Liloy (FR)Alzabella (USA)Top Command (USA)
Annie's Bootie (AUS)br1986Best Western (AUS)Cold Cash (NZ)One Pound Sterling (GB)
Another Sari (NZ) (raced in Malaysia as Wandering Princess)b1988Babarooom (USA)Princess Sari (NZ)Wandering Eyes
Apache Defender (AUS)b or br1991The Fort (IRE)Apache Lady (AUS)Haulpak (AUS)
April Choice (AUS)b1988Clear Choice (USA)April Sunset (IRE)Skyliner (IRE)
Artful Dodger (NZ)dkb or br1977Sovereign Edition (IRE)Second String (NZ)Empire Way
Arunrangsi (NZ)b1991Wiganthorpe (IRE)In Peach (AUS)Without Fear (FR)
Au Pair (AUS)ch1984Biscay (AUS)Polar Air (NZ)Frontal (USA)
August Honeymoon (USA)b1989Alleged (USA)Bubble Company (FR)Lyphard (USA)
Aureola Star (AUS)ch1990Rory’s Jester (AUS)Aureola Royal (AUS)Kaoru Star (AUS)
Avocart (AUS)b1991Bluebird (USA)Intisari (NZ)Imposing (AUS)
Ballina Heights (NZ)br or bl1990Lord Ballina (AUS)Maid of Astolat (NZ)Sir Tristram (IRE)
Bargains Galore (USA)dkb or br1995Cryptoclearance (USA)Geraldine’s Store (USA)Exclusive Native (USA)
Barzaly (AUS)b or br1987Cazaly (NZ)Maura Mal (AUS)Maldon
Bashi Bazouch (AUS) (raced in Malaysia as True Beauty)br1990Cossack Warrior (AUS)Limelight (AUS)Boysie Boy (GB)
Basin Street (USA)b1993Dixieland Band (USA)Overwhelming (USA)Broadway Forli (USA)
Be My Baby (AUS)ch1989Raami (GB)Baybub (AUS)Bletchingly (AUS)
Be Proudest (USA)dkb or br1988Exclusive Era (USA)Cosmic Time (USA)Jig Time (USA)
Before the Wind (AUS)b1991Tristram (NZ)Finito Fair (AUS)Blue’s Finito (AUS)
Bet Cajenibeth (USA)b1989Riverman (USA)Raja Lady (USA)Raja Baba (USA)
Beyond the Moon (AUS)ch1980Planet Kingdom (AUS)I'm A Chick (NZ)Pakistan II
Bijou Flavour (NZ) (raced in Malaysia as Tien Chan)b1988Noble Bijou (USA)French Flavour (NZ)Zamazaan (FR)
Biwa Fina (USA)b1983Ruffinal (USA)Biwa (USA)Santa Claus
Blazing Dollar (AUS)b1982Gypsy Kingdom (AUS)Capital Profit (AUS)Seventh Hussar (FR)
Blessendyl (AUS)ch1987Rassendyll (AUS)Bletair (AUS)Bletchingly (AUS)
Bloomin' Beauty (USA)b1991Clever Trick (USA)Blossoming Beauty (USA)Little Current (USA)
Bo Pretty (USA)ch1989Mogambo (USA)Pretty Sham (USA)Sham (USA)
Bocas Song (GB) (raced in Malaysia as Flower Lady)b1987Song (GB)La Jeunesse (GB)Young Generation (IRE)
Bold Awakening (AUS)b1991Lord Seymour (IRE)Brave Dream (AUS)Brave Lad (GB)
Boldex (NZ)gr1983Bold and Able (IRE)Katex (NZ)Ex Officio (AUS)
Brave Pride (AUS)ch1978Vain (AUS)L'Adelene (A US)Le Cordonnier
Brave Shadowb or br1996Brave Salute (AUS)Shady Maid (AUS)Bellwater (FR)
Broadway Hit (AUS)gr1989Jungle Boy (GB)Ruby Redlips (AUS)Prince Bright (USA)
Buenas Neches (USA)b1986Hagley (USA)Forever Flying (USA)Hoist the Flag (USA)
Butternut Hill (USA)b1989Fluorescent Light (USA)Isle La Motte (USA)Fiddle Isle (USA)
Cafela (USA)dkb or br1992Unpredictable (USA)Moorea (USA)Mr. Leader (USA)
Call the Tune (AUS)br1985Captain Piper (AUS)Faustina (AUS)Claudius (IRE)
Calm Princess (AUS)b1987Triple Knight (NZ)Octavia (NZ)Copenhagen II
Can It Last (USA)dkb or br1990Moment of Hope (USA)Scarlet Scandian (USA)Nordic Prince (CAN)
Capricious Pirate (USA)dkb or br1982Pirate's Bounty (USA)T.V. Caper (USA)T.V. Lark
Carbonite (USA)dkb or br1984Do Tell George (USA)Spiked Dancer (USA)Levee Dancer (USA)
Careli Daisy (USA)b1991Northern Baby (CAN)Turning Bold (USA)Turn-to
Carrying On (AUS) (raced in Malaysia as Plastic Queen IT)br1992Carry a Smile (AUS)Affair d'Horneur (CAN)Halo (USA)
Cats (AUS)b1986Abdicating (USA)Cattrey (AUS)Catchpole (GB)
Chapel Charm (AUS)b1988Curravilla (IRE)Waikoloa (AUS)Robertissimo (FR)
Charade (USA)b1992Capote (USA)Debs Angel (USA)Raise a Cup (USA)
Cheeky Secret (AUS) (raced in Malaysia as Majestas II)b1992Pago Mystery (AUS)Pert Sallie (GB)Star Appeal (IRE)
Chonburi (AUS)b1990Blazing Sword (AUS)Mysterious Glow (AUS)So Called (NZ)
Cinnamon (AUS)ch1985Marscay (AUS)Spicette (AUS)Baguette (AUS)
City Square (AUS) (raced in Malaysia as Crowd Stopper)br1992Old Spice (AUS)French Quarter (AUS)Bold Flip (USA)
Code of Old (USA)dkb or br1991Lost Code (USA)Silver Antiquity (USA)Olden Times
Couldn't Resist (USA) (raced in Malaysia as Turnmeon)ch1987Forceten (USA)Sonora Lee (USA)New Policy
Cow Durham (USA)ch1987Lond Durham (USA)Seadell (USA)Sea-Bird IL
Croissant D'or (NZ) (raced in Malaysia as Lucky Lady)b1987Creag-An-Sgor (IRE)Patisserie (AUS)Lunchtime (GB)
Crowning Delight (NZ)ch1986Crown Jester (AUS)Jem's Delight (IRE)Sassafras (FR)
Dance for Jaybe (NZ) (raced in Malaysia as Polyscent II)ch1987Dorchester (FR)Cally's Girl (NZ)Abridge Member (GB)
Dance Lesson (AUS)ch1996Regal Classic (CAN)Watch Her Dance (AUS)Star Watch (AUS)
Dang Baanchiangb1995Space Cadet (NZ)Crowning Delight (NZ)Crown Jester (AUS)
Darley Belle (USA)db or br1981Dactylographer (USA)Cusmet (USA)Chop Chop
Davonia (AUS)br1986Rare Pearl (FR)Lemon Sorbet (AUS)Boldest Melody (USA)
Dawn Flyer (AUS)b1990Bluebird (USA)Heavenly Mist (AUS)Godswalk (USA)
Dead End (USA)b1990Cox's Ridge (USA)Trap Pass (USA)Danzig (USA)
Deb's Court (USA)b1990Court Trial (USA)Iron Nany (USA)Iron Constitution (USA)
Desert Princess (AUS)ch1990Al Hareb (USA)Tiara Wind (AUS)Water Mill (GB)
Destiny's Crown (USAch1989Bob's Dusty (USA)San Empery (USA)Empery (USA)
Diamond Harbour (AUS)b1990Bengal Fire (GB)Doodar (AUS)Semipalatinsk (USA)
Don B.'s Damsel (USA)dkb or br1980Don B. (USA)Windy Damsel (USA)Warfare
Dona Bianca (GB)b1991Night Shift (USA)Insaf (USA)Raise a Native
Dora’s Gold (USA)b1996Strike Gold (USA)Aplanadora (ARG)Atlas (ARG)
Dragon Bullet (AUS)gr1996Tristram (NZ)Kala Vita (AUS)Kala Dancer (GB)
Duet (USA)dkb or br1985His Majesty (USA)Guanajibena (USA)Outing Class
Dunleigh (NZ)b1987Vice Regal (NZ)Writ 'n' Wonder (AUS)Habeas Corpus (GB)
Edwina's Folly (AUS)b1989Sir Zephyr (NZ)Macho's Folly (AUS)Macho (AUS)
Egoli (AUS)ch1995New Regent (CAN)Chrysocracy (AUS)Eagling (GB)
Egyptian Sphinx (USA)b1987Tilt Up (USA)Shanjar (USA)Gray Phantom
Electrofying (USA)dkb or br1980Time TestedBundestag (USA)Hail to Reason
Elite Corps (AUS)b1988Vite Cheval (NZ)Elite Choice (AUS)Lord Seymour (IRE)
Eskimo Wave (USA)b1989Eskimo (USA)Busy Wave (USA)Bupers
Ettytoni (NZ) (raced in Malaysia as Send a Signal)br1986Vaguely Tender (USA)Alvita (NZ)Alvaro (GB)
Exultation (AUS)ch1988Rory's Jester (AUS)Mero0 Star (AUS)Starboard Buoy (IRE)
Eyes of Beauty (AUS)ch1978ManihiEyes of Gold (AUS)Smokey Eyes
Fearless Gold (AUS)ch1989Brave Regent (CAN)Goldossy (AUS)Golden Orange (GB)
Final Caper (AUS)ch1986Top Post (AUS)Fine Caper (AUS)Tribal Chief (GB)
Fitting Role (AUS)ch1983Biscay (AUS)New Role (AUS)Wilkes
Flaming Kate (AUS)b1989New Regent (CAN)Blase (AUS)Lord Seymour (IRE)
Flying Aureole (AUS)b1987Don't Say Halo (USA)Ballantrae (AUS)Imperial March (CAN)
Flying Lassie (USA)dkb or br1980Tri Jet (USA)Delta Flight (USA)Delta Judge
Foxy (FR)b1990Moulin (GB)Fonciere (GB)Kashmir II (IRE)
Fran's Daughter (AUS)gr1985Rostov (USA)Francavi (AUS)Francis Bacon (IRE)
Frau Heidi (ARG)b1981Frari (ARG)Hello Baby (ARG)Proudest Roman (USA)
Free Birdb1997Brave Salute (AUS)Montaro (AUS)Francis Bacon (IRE)
French Poem (USA)gr1982Sharpen Up (GB)Sound of Summer (USA)Drone (USA)
Fully a Leader (USA)ch1987Full Pocket (USA)Stay a Leader (USA)Mr. Leader (USA)
Funny Fashion (AUS)ch1987Yallah Native (USA)All Nerve (AUS)Baguette (AUS)
Garganey (USA)b1982Quack (USA)Worden Lady (GB)Most Secret (GB)
Get Together (USA)dkb or br1992Blushing John (USA)Hey Babe (USA)Roberto (USA)
Getty Girl (AUS)b1981Millionaire (IRE)Countess Wynyard (NZ)Pakistan II
Glamourous Greek (USA)dkb or br1990Exclusive Era (USA)Greek Folly (USA)Forli
Glancing (NZ)b1989Centaine (USA)Royal Wink (NZ)Wandering Eyes
Glorious Angel (AUS)ch1992Don’t Say Halo (USA)Marmelo (IRE)Tudor Melody (GB)
Golden Queench1995Made of Gold (USA)Swinging Venture (AUS)Northern Adventure (USA)
Golden Satin (NZ)b1985Tawfiq (USA)Regal Satin (NZ)Noble Bijou (USA)
Goodbye July (AUS)ch1987Keen (GB)Little Hut (AUS)Showdown
Granja (USA)b1979Youth (USA)Gray Dove (USA)T.V. Lark
Great Bounce (NZ)b1990Markella (FR)Rite of Spring (GB)Shiny Tenth (GB)
Great Chance (AUS)ch1981Tattenham (AUS)Main Chance (AUS)Corinto
Hard Currency (NZ)gr1983One Pound Sterling (GB)First Class (NZ)First Consul (USA)
Harvest Moon (AUS)b1990Maizcay (AUS)Moonamby Tops (AUS)Imperial Prince (IRE)
Heather Hawk (USA)dkb or br1992Silver Hawk (USA)Ersatz (USA)Clever Trick (USA)
Heritress (CAN)ch1980Vice Regent (CAN)Choice of Kings (USA)King's Bishop (USA)
Hitam Manis IV (NZ) (late Stand By Me)blk1987Dual Kingdom (AUS)Truffles (NZ)Philoctetes
Holiday Spirit (AUS)br1984Abdicating (USA)Summer Crest (NZ)Crest of the Wave
Homing (AUS)gr1984Adirondack Holme (USA)Band of Steel (AUS)Steel Pulse (GB)
Honahi Wave (NZ)ch1987Crested Wave (USA)Ardmore Queen (NZ)Ruling (USA)
Horizon Line (AUS)b1993Our Horizon (AUS)New Parade (AUS)Marceau (AUS)
Hot Opal (AUS)ch1990Sir Dapper (AUS)Red Opal (AUS)Biscay (AUS)
Hula Garland (AUS)br1990Hula Chief (NZ)Battle Edition (GB)Warpath (GB)
Hutt's Angel (AUS)ch1988Don't Say Halo (USA)Highly United (AUS)Manihi
I Wonder Why (AUS)br1993Chesapeak Sound (USA)Wonderli (AUS)Luskin Star (AUS)
Indian Para dise (USA)b1991Mt. Livermore (USA)Yasmean (USA)Raja Baba (USA)
Initial Issue (AUS)ch1984Nordic Prince (AUS)Green Crest (AUS)Gaul
Irish Allure (CAN)b1983King Emperor (USA)Irish Intrigue (USA)Irish Castle (USA)
Iron Traveller (USA)gr1986Nearctic Traveller (USA)Iron Gale (USA)Dedimoud
Jammies (USA)gr1984Drone (USA)Pajama Girl (USA)Graustark
Jay Jay's Express (AUS)ch1989Gielgud (USA)Dudley Express (AUS)Lord Dudley (AUS)
Jolly Marie (USA)b1987Tyrant (USA)Ghia Marie (USA)Jollify
Kala Vita (AUS)gr1988Kala Dancer (GB)Bravita (AUS)Without Fear (FR)
Kapalua Star (NZ)b or br1988Cocky Golfer (USA)Danseuse Etoile (NZ)Danseur Etoile (FR)
Katch Forty Nine (NZ)ch1991Noble Bijou (USA)Young Bess (AUS)Biscay (AUS)
Kate Charlotte (IRE)b1983Cut Above (GB)Polly Charlot (GB)Charlottown
Katy Can Dance Too (USA)b1990Fred Astaire (USA)Bereavement (USA)Timeless Moment (USA)
Kensworth Lady (GB)b1990Formidable (USA)Icefern (GB)Moorestyle (GB)
Khumalo (AUS)br1982Tattenham (AUS)Slick 'n' Bold (AUS)Bold Flip (USA)
Kid Teungch1995Dieu D’or (AUS)Perrahz (AUS)Imperial Prince (IRE)
King’s Princess (IRE)ch1993Ela-Mana-Mou (IRE)Kundrie (GER)Luciano (GB)
Kotabi (AUS)br1987Bletchingly (AUS)More Stones (GB)Morston (FR)
Kwandarab1997Slew City Slew (USA)Destar (USA)Star de Naskra (USA)
Kwanjai K.T.b1998Land Grant (USA)Duet (USA)His Majesty (USA)
Kwanpraneebr1997Known Fact (USA)Get Together (USA)Blushing John (USA)
Lady Bliss (USA)dkb or br1988Lord Avie (USA)Bright Bliss (USA)Well Decorated (USA)
Lady Colossus (AUS)b1983Bright Finish (USA)Our Silver Lady (NZ)Silver Dream (GB)
Lady Harcris (USA)b1981Raja Baba (USA)Blue Tytes (USA)Little Tytus
Lady In the Making (AUS)ch1995Royal Academy (USA)Making Believe (AUS)Marscay (AUS)
Lady O’Luckb1997Brave Salute (AUS)Lady Be Brave (AUS)Brave Show (AUS)
Lady of Balmoral (AUS)ch1992Rancher (AUS)Queen of Balmoral (AUS)Without Fear (FR)
Lady Smile (MAL)b1990Maizcay (AUS)Red Lemair (AUS)Red Tony (IRE)
Lady Stapleton (NZ)gr1984Little Brown Jug (NZ)Big Bess (NZ)Bellissimo (FR)
Lady Vienna (AUS)br1985Baguette Prince (AUS)Chief's Joy (AUS)Charlton (GB)
Lady Wenora (AUS) (raced in Malaysia as Perfect Harmony II)b1989Raveneaux (AUS)Wenora Lass (AUS)Daryl's Joy (NZ)
Lake Eyre (NZ)b1990Bluebird (USA)Now (IRE)Hard Fought (IRE)
La-ong Tongch1997Green Dancer (USA)Golden Start (USA)Forty Niner (USA)
Laudham Dancer (AUS)b1989Laudham Star (AUS)Shying (AUS)Convamore
Let's Don't Squawk (USA)ch1985GraustarkSquawker (USA)Bold Lad (USA)
Link (AUS)b1993Tierce (AUS)Advanced (AUS)The Carpenter (USA)
Little Bloomb1996Salt Lake (USA)Christybaba (CAN)El Baba (USA)
Lively Pebbles (USA)b1985Key to Content (USA)River Guide (USA)Drone (USA)
Loani Priscilla (AUS)b or br1982Ontonic (NZ)Copscilla (NZ)Copsale
Long Point (AUS) (raced in Malaysia as Super Lady)b1989Bluebird (USA)Victor lic (NZ)Imposing (AUS)
Long Wait (NZ)b1987Karensky (USA)Butterscotch (AUS)Hotroy
Look Up (AUS)gr1993Royal Pardon (NZ)Music Zone (AUS)Zoning (NZ)
Love to Shine (AUS)ch1988John's Hope (AUS)By Return (AUS)Recalled (GB)
Madam Joy (USA)b1982Master Derby (USA)Joy of Aces (USA)Ace of Aces (USA)
Madame Arlette (USA)b1979Maribeau (USA)Tainted Title (USA)Vaguely Noble (IRE)
Madrilene (AUS)ch1993Bataan (AUS)Cinnamon (AUS)Marscay (AUS)
Magic 'n Ice (USA)dkb or br1989Clever Trick (USA)Peaches (USA)J.O. Tobin (USA)
Magic Garden (AUS)ch1986Nordic Prince (AUS)Feather Ren (AUS)Renegade
Magic Mary (AUS)b1989Esperanto (USA)Miss Mary (NZ)Karayar (GB)
Mahamongkolgr1996Al Hareb (USA)Lady Stapleton (NZ)Littlle Brown Jug (NZ)
Main Lady (CAN)dkb or br1990No Louder (CAN)Matsadoon Lady (USA)Matsadoon (USA)
Maisie Marie (USA)b1984Key to the Mint (USA)Regal Barter (USA)Chieftain
Majestic Heroine (USA)b1984Majestic Light (USA)English Review (USA)Reviewer (USA)
Malka (NZ)gr1985Three Legs (GB)Dellamoss (NZ)Moss Trooper (USA)
Mamadoc (AUS)b1991Voodoo Rhythm (USA)Castanea (NZ)Trictrac
Maneeduangjaib1997De Niro (USA)Personal’s Love (USA)Wajima (USA)
Marquee Miss (AUS)ch1985Marquee Star (AUS)Mendlesham Miss (AUS)Baguette (AUS)
Martini Minx (AUS)b1984ManihiBlack Olive (AUS)Convamore
Meadow Spirit (USA)ch1989Chief's Crown (USA)Liberty Spirit (USA)Graustark
Measure Me (AUS)br1990Imperial Prince (IRE)Lake Havasu (AUS)Hit It Benny (AUS)
Melissa's River (USA)ch1981Riverman (USA)Melissa's Jet (USA)Sir Ivor (USA)
elrose Street (AUS)b1995Bonhomie (USA)Melrose Lily (AUS)Lord Seymore (IRE)
Mia Colere (AUS)b1990Dusty Boots (USA)La Colere (USA)Barachois (USA)
Mil Besos (GB)gr1990Aragon (GB)Milva (GB)Jellaby (GB)
Mind of Truth (USA)b1984Give Me Strength (USA)Newlywed (USA)Carry Back
Mintashach1997Pembroke (USA)Dead End (USA)Cox’s Ridge (USA)
Miss Affable (AUS)ch1995Brief Truce (USA)Irish Sky (AUS)Yeats (USA)
Miss Glad (USA)dkb or br1985I'm Glad (ARG)Loca Ilusion (ARG)Pardallo
Miss Misty Cor (USA)gr1984Native Charger (USA)Misty Cor (USA)What A Pleasure (USA)
Miss Rennie (AUS) (raced in Malaysia as Bee Siew)ch1989Zabaleta (USA)Quality Crescent (AUS)Man of Rank (AUS)
Mistineb1995Presidential (USA)Unmastered (USA)Top Command (USA)
Mistress Nysky (AUS)br1989Nijinsky's Way (USA)Bold Virgin (AUS)Bold Aussie (USA)
Mitigating (NZ)br1986Alibhai (NZ)Salote (AUS)Mariner
Mizneh (AUS)b1990Al Khawaaneeg (USA)Outa Sheery (USA)Far North (CAN)
Modesty Blaise (NZ)b1989Brilliant Invader (AUS)Sun Song (NZ)Head Hunter
Montaro (AUS)b1988Francis Bacon (IRE)Scornful (AUS)Warwick
Monterey (AUS)ch1989True Statement (USA)Angel Glow (NZ)Wolverton (IRE)
Mrs. Haverchat (AUS)gr1992Kala Dancer (GB)Annie V (USA)Barrera (USA)
Mrs. Mid (AUS)br1987Northern Spring (IRE)Kiwi Rose (NZ)Habitation (GB)
Mustavi (AUS)br1991Mustin Lake (USA)Lady Avignon (AUS)Lefroy (NZ)
My Fantazy (USA)dkb or br1988Northern Jove (CAN)Fantazia (USA)Secretariat (USA)
Naang Nai Funbr1994El Prado (IRE)My Fantazy (USA)Northern Jove (CAN)
Native Kildare (CAN)ch1989Dahar (USA)Prendita (CHI)Prendao (CHI)
Naughty Numbers (USA)dkb or br1989Elocutionist (USA)Naughty Nonny (USA)Bold Hour (USA)
Ngoring (AUS)ch1987Ideal Planet (AUS)Princess Ettine (AUS)Bold Aussie (USA)
Night Tan (CAN)dkb or br1990Ascot Knight (CAN)Machree (USA)Graustark
No Halo (USA)dkb or br1981Halo (USA)Never Speak (USA)Speak John (USA)
Nong Ohb1995Snippets (AUS)Shy and Dapper (AUS)Sir Dapper (AUS)
Northern Aurora (AUS) (raced in Malaysia as Lady Pamela)ch1988Paint the Stars (AUS)Norwegian Girl (AUS)El Seetu (USA)
Note the Rank (AUS) (raced in Malaysia as Love Bunny II)b1987Man of Rank (AUS)Lady of Note (NZ)In the Purple (FR)
Ocean (USA)b1984Coastal (USA)Shinnecock (USA)Tom Fool
Ode to Code (USA)ch1990Lost Code (USA)Set For One (USA)Banquet Table (USA)
Oenjay Lass (AUS)gr1984Oenjay Star (AUS)Vibrant Lass (AUS)Vibrant
Off 'n Gone (USA)b1990Mr. Leader (USA)Oriental Star (USA)Vice Regent (CAN)
Ohoka Red (NZ) (raced in Malaysia as Profound II)ch1986Beaufort Sea (USA)Windvale Toi (NZ)Aristoi (USA)
On Stage Minnie (USA)b1984Stage Door Johnny (USA)Minnie Riperton (USA)Cornish Prince
On Wings of Hope (USA)dkb or br1992Miswaki (USA)Quiet Flight (USA)Wing Out (USA)
Orienteering (AUS)gr1989Shearwalk (IRE)Provisions (USA)Chieftain
Our Glennie (AUS)br1987French Current (AUS)Plady Glen (AUS)Planet Kingdom (AUS)
Our Swift Star (AUS)ch1977Kaoru Star (AUS)Vietnam (IRE)Vienna
Palatial Taste (USA)b1989Palace Music (USA)Plum Tasty (USA)Balzac (USA)
Pantawesich1996Rock City (IRE)Be My Choice (GB)Be My Chief (USA)
Paradise Coffee (GB)ch1984Sharpo (GB)St. Isabel (GB)Saint Crespin III
Penang Belle (NZ) (raced in Malaysia as Suntelle)ch1984Solaboy (USA)Shiffui (NZ)Shifnal (AUS)
Perrahz (AUS)b1989Imperial Prince (IRE)Rahz (AUS)Fields of Eton (USA)
Persian Blend (AUS)ch1991Persian Heights (GB)Fine Blend (AUS)Whiskey Road (USA)
Persian Strike (NZ)ch1984Straight Strike (USA)Non Secundus (NZ)Silver Fish II (GB)
Personal Bond (NZ)br1985Parkdale (GB)Norfolk Morn (NZ)Norfolk Air (GB)
Petunia's Princess (USA)b1984Koluctoo Bay (USA)Turbulent Flight (USA)Misty Flight
Playful Imp (USA)dkb or br1990Imp Society (USA)Margie's Toy (USA)Gallant Lad
Pleasant Barbie (USA)dkb or br1983Pleasant Colony (USA)Urbane Manner (USA)Northern Bay (CAN)
Pleasure Walk (AUS)ch1980Cheyne Walk (AUS)Tele-Girl (AUS)Dignitas (USA)
Plumbe Tempest (GB)dkb or br1986Pharly (FR)Swanilda (FR)Habitat (USA)
Pour Me Out (USA)b1984Raise a Cup (USA)Safety Razor (USA)Blade (USA)
Prairie Lila (GER)ch1991Homing (GB)Prairie Bar (GER)Ballymore (IRE)
Prairie Mist (CAN)gr1988Geiger Counter (USA)Flo's Image (USA)Tinajero (USA)
Praty (USA)ch1990Cassaleria (USA)Double Bypass (USA)Nodouble (USA)
Precious Present (AUS)br1990Chanteclair (AUS)Vagrancy (AUS)Francis Bacon (IRE)
Premium Pay Off (USA)dkb or br1989Desert Serpent (USA)Premier Moment (USA)Premier Ministre (USA)
Preogativo (USA)b1992Tejano (USA)Her Choosing (USA)Fluorescent Light (USA)
Presumptive (AUS)br1989Pre-Emptive Strike (CAN)Gay Dynasty (AUS)Star Dynasty (AUS)
Prevention (AUS)b or br1989Broad Reach (NZ)Careful Lass (AUS)Showdown
Princess Loy (USA)b1986Liloy (FR)Road Princess (FR)Gallant Man
Princess Panax (AUS)b1993Bellwater (FR)Sweet Serocco (AUS)Commoner (USA)
Princess Starkers (USA)b1989GraustarkDay Away (USA)Caliburn
Proven Peace (AUS)ch1989Proven Valour (AUS)Strae Peace (AUS)Glen Strae (GB)
Pursuit of Dreams (USA)ch1985Lyphard's Wish (FR)Windy Day (USA)Raise a Native
Queen of Graustark (USA)ch1988GraustarkRemote Ruler (USA)King Emperor (USA)
Queen of Kites (NZ) (raced in Malaysia as Queen Kong)b1987Black Kite (AUS)Sunnydown (AUS)Showdown
Queens Pearl (USA)b1984Queen City Lad (USA)Queen Suzanne (USA)Tumiga
Quicker (AUS)gr1991Imperial Baron (AUS)Sunavail (AUS)Boucher (USA)
Raaya (GB)b1989Be My Guest (USA)Fast Motion (GB)Midsummer Night II
Rainbow's Pride (AUS) (raced in Malaysia as At Sight)br1987Man of Rank (AUS)Jueldo's Pride (AUS)Bold Bid (IRE)
Rassami Tongch1995Mookta (AUS)Proven Peace (AUS)Proven Valour (AUS)
Red Mercedees (USA)ch1990Irish River (FR)Land of the Brave (USA)Coastal (USA)
Regal Devotion (AUS)b or br1985He Loves Me (GB)Call Me Wild (AUS)Call Report (USA)
Relationship (AUS)b1986Ruling (USA)Royal Try (AUS)Royal Artist
Ribbons and Curls (NZ) (raced in Malaysia as Rikishi)br1989Centaine (AUS)Happy Inn (NZ)Marceau (AUS)
Risibiwa (USA)ch1987Rising MarketBiwa (USA)Santa Claus
Romping Home (NZ)b1980Pass the Bottle (USA)Star Quest (NZ)Quetzal (GB)
Roong Sopaangch1993Tierce (AUS)Goodbye July (AUS)Keen (GB)
Rosebud (NZ)b1989Palatable (USA)Aldersgate (NZ)Gate Keeper
Round By the River (GB)b1989Superlative (IRE)Marie Galante (FR)Shirley Heights (GB)
Royal Caper (USA)dkb or br1987Wavering Monarch (USA)La Costa Caper (USA)Pretense
Royal Icing (NZ)b1989One Pound Sterling (GB)Ice Flake (NZ)Icelandic (IRE)
Running Shine (USA)b1988Pumpkin Moonshine (USA)Turn It Off (USA)Turn and Count (USA)
Sally's Star (NZ)br or blk1984Star Way (GB)Simone Nichole (AUS)The Toddler
Salmiro (AUS)ch1989Salieri (USA)Miro (AUS)Boucher (USA)
Samar (IRE)b1988WasslHaneenaHabitat (USA)
Sasso (USA)dkb or br1989Tasso (USA)Spoil Her (USA)Polar Palace (CAN)
Satina Babe (AUS)b or br1986Zephyr Zing (NZ)My Corina (AUS)Corinto
Savanna Queen (NZ)b1989Young Runaway (GB)Lexington Pride (NZ)Wolverton (IRE)
Sceptre Too (USA)b1986L'Natural (USA)Lava Creek (USA)Jacinto
Schoolmarm (AUS)ch1988Rancher (AUS)Musical Sculptor (AUS)Arch Sculptor (GB)
Sealake (IRE)b1991Danehill (USA)Diamond Lake (GB)Kings Lake (USA)
Seasonal Attire (USA)b1988Sovereign Dancer (USA)Saratoga Fleet (USA)Sir Gaylord
Secluded (USA)b1982Distinctive (USA)Charity Girl (USA)Bolinas Boy
Send Me A Star (AUS) (raced in Malaysia as Jewel of Angel)b or br1985Gielgud (USA)Dark Glance (AUS)Abdicating (USA)
Senorita Mari (USA)b1989Mari's Book (USA)Taranta (ARG)Tan Pronto (ARG)
Shanana (NZ) (raced in Malaysia as Lovely Lady)ch1990Shahnameh (USA)Young Bess (AUS)Biscay (AUS)
Sharp Dame (AUS)ch1992Very Sharp (GB)Deep Gully (AUS)Daring Young Man (USA)
She's a Kiwi (NZ) (raced in Malaysia as Suntelle II)br1989Kings Island (IRE)Noble Troika (NZz)Noble Bijou (USA)
Ship Out First (USA)ch1989Premiership (USA)Some One Finer (USA)Lord Rebeau (USA)
Showing How (AUS)ch1988Luskin Star (AUS)Normal (AUS)Showdown
Showing Timech1996Blazing Sword (AUS)Showing How (AUS)Luskin Star (AUS)
Shy and Dapper (AUS)b1988Sir Dapper (AUS)Bletchella (AUS)Bletchingly (AUS)
Silk Top Lady (AUS)ch1990Al Hareb (USA)Vain Madam (AUS)Vain (AUS)
Silky Nymph (AUS) (raced in Malaysia as Ceaseless Win, and, as Smooth Dancer)ch1989Jevington (AUS)Silky Queen (AUS)Speak Low (FR)
Silly Billie (USA)ch1986Buckaroo (USA)Catch Sunny (USA)Sunny Clime (USA)
Silver Bulletch1993Oenjay Star (AUS)Love To Shine (AUS)John’s Hope (AUS)
Simply Roses (AUS) (raced in Malaysia as Goldilocks or Village Girl)ch1989Jungle Boy (GB)Simply Elegant (AUS)Beau Sovereign (NZ)
Siren Call (AUS)br1987Call Report (USA)High and Wild (AUS)Hillside (AUS)
Siyempre (GB)ch1988Creetown (GB)Frizzante (GB)Varano
Skating Pond (USA)ch1991Overskate (CAN)Holy Moly (USA)Halo (USA)
Smart Kate (USA)dkb or br1986Smarten (USA)Bastille (ARG)Again II
Smokey Century (AUS)ch1984Pride of Century (AUS)Misty Shadow (AUS)Smokey Eyes
So Tantalizing (NZ)ch1987Inviting (IRE)Conundrum (NZ)Perpetual II (USA)
So Unique (AUS)ch1986Lunchtime (GB)Pomany (AUS)Vibrant
Social Regent (NZ)ch1987Grosvenor (NZ)Kehila (NZ)Silver Dream (GB)
Some Chime (USA)b1992Pentelicus (USA)Chime (USA)Bold Forbes (USA)
Sonthiratb or br1997Far Out East (USA)Raisa’s Troupe (USA)Moscow Ballet (USA)
Sound Alarm (USA)dkb or br1977Stop the Music (USA)Pirate Flag (USA)Crafty Admiral
Sparkling Fun (AUS)b1990Alzao (USA)Rhine Wine (IRE)Home Guard (USA)
Speak Southern (CAN)dkb or br1992Irish Tower (USA)Full of Questions (USA)Nain Bleu (FR)
Sporting Fear (AUS)b1986Amen Brother (USA)Due Respect (AUS)Without Fear (FR)
Star For Glory (AUS)b or br1986Oenjay Star (AUS)Gloriana (AUS)Tudor Tinker (GB)
Star Glitter (AUS)b1986Fine Fighter (AUS)Star Catcher (AUS)Catchpole
Star Lead (NZ)ch1987Star Way (GB)Starzaan (NZ)Zamazaan (FR)
Staramia (AUS) (raced in Malaysia as Miss Black Swan)b or br1985Man Of Rank (AUS)Judamia (AUS)Amen (GB)
Steal A Deal (AUS)b1993King’s High (AUS)Steel Sculptress (AUS)Arch Sculptor (GB)
Sterling's Maid (NZ) (raced in Malaysia as Jenny's Pride)gr1986One Pound Sterling (GB)Wine Dark Sea (NZ)Jonathan R. (IRE)
Suburban Girl (AUS)ch1984Vaslav (USA)Suburbanite (AUS)Wilkes
Sugar Plum Gold (USA) (raced in Malaysia as Prettipearl)ch1986Golden Eagle II (FR)Sugardrop (USA)Pack Trip
Sunshine Judy (USA)gr1988Air Forbes Won (USA)Keff (USA)Envoy
Super Girl II (NZ)ch1990Kings Island (IRE)In Peace (AUS)Without Fear (FR)
Super Now (USA)ch1987Native Uproar (USA)Now Account (USA)Private Account (USA)
Supreme Promis (USA)b1983Ruffinal (USA)Mixed Up Promises (USA)Promised Land (USA)
Survive the Night (USA)gr1992Who's for Dinner (USA)Royal Classic (USA)Royal Gunner
Sweet Tory Jay (CAN)b1991Val de l'Orne (FR)One Last Bird (USA)One for All (USA)
Swift Edition (AUS)ch1986Marscay (AUS)Flermidas (AUS)King Midas (GB)
Swift Tycoon (AUS)b1990Last Tycoon (IRE)Super Swift (AUS)Biscawong (AUS)
Tai Tam (AUS)ch1981Baguette (AUS)Miss Entertainer (AUS)Vain (AUS)
Temperence Day (USA)b1985Temperence Hill (USA)Alarubette (USA)Rube the Great (USA)
Texas (AUS)b1989Rancher (AUS)Chez Michelle (AUS)The Carpenter (USA)
Thanksgiving (USA)gr1990Waquoit (USA)English Gal (USA)London Bells (USA)
The Decemberists (AUS)b1990Danzatore (CAN)Spectacular Gift (USA)Alleged (USA)
The Lady Sings (AUS)b1979Ad Lib Ra (USA)Native Serenade (IRE)Native Prince (USA)
Thoughtful Girl (AUS)br1988Private Thoughts (AUS)Ring of Speed (NZ)Ring Round the Moon (IRE)
Tillette (AUS)b1986Jukebox (GB)Epillette (AUS)Atilla
Tishlass (NZ)b1979Sir Tristram (IRE)Irma's Lass (NZ)Battle-Waggon
Too Bobees Return (USA)b1984Talc (USA)Hasty Elegance (USA)Vertex
Toowong Lass (AUS)b1985Yeats (USA)My Sharyn (AUS)Persian Book
Tri Bowl (USA)b1982Tri Jet (USA)Dautie (USA)Gunflint
Tri-Star Belle (AUS)b1988Bellwater (FR)Loose Tread (AUS)Hunka Papa (USA)
True Rainbow (AUS)b1987Top Post (AUS)Lady Symbol (NZ)Faux Tirage
Tuned In (AUS)ch1993Great Stateman (NZ)Radio City (AUS)Estaminet (GB)
Tunergirl (USA)ch1991Tunerup (USA)Lilaire (USA)Beaudelaire (USA)
Turkobin (USA)dkb or br1989Turkoman (USA)Little Red Robin (USA)Ribot
Tutti Fruiti (AUS)br or blk1988Best Western (AUS)Spring Meg (AUS)Lorenzaccio (IRE)
Uncork the Magic (USA)ch1984Czaravich (USA)Jean Marie (USA)King's Bishop (USA)
Unmastered (USA)b1982Top Command (USA)Champion du Nord (USA)Vent du Nord (FR)
Verna Marie (USA)b1978Bravest Roman (USA)Rules of the Game (USA)Hitting Away
Vesper Gem (AUS)br1987Montsalvat (AUS)Regar (AUS)Regal Light
Vitality Belle II (NZ)b1990Sky Filou (NZ)Darmerino (NZ)Balmerino (NZ)
Vogue Dancer (AUS)ch1989Kala Dancer (GB)Hill of Howth (IRE)Sassafras (FR)
Warzam (NZ)b or br1988War Hawk II (GB)Faraine (N2)Zamazaan (FR)
Wattanab1993Squill (USA)Loani Priscilla (AUS)Ontonic (NZ)
Wee Bonnie (AUS)br1986Bletchalong (AUS)Amnestyy Girl (NZ)War Hawk II (GB)
Whyalla (NZ)br1990Hegemony (IRE)Fer de Cheval (NZ)Wolverton (IRE)
Wickity Wack (AUS) (raced in Malaysia as Lady Will power)b1986Caross (AUS)Frasario (AUS)Frascati (GB)
Wilton Place (AUS)b1991Whiskey Road (USA)Tahitian Queen (IRE)Malacate (USA)
Win Row (AUS)b1987Current Winner (USA)Flash Row (AUS)Northern Flash (CAN)
Windy Reward (USA)dkb or br1989Pirate's Bounty (USA)Crystal Tree (USA)Windy Sands
Wings of Hope (USA)b1987Silent Screen (USA)Esirnus (USA)Sunrise Flight
Winning the Day (USA)b1990Nostrum (USA)After This Day (USA)Tudor Grey
Wired (AUS)b1990Bataan (AUS)Radio City (AUS)Estaminet (GB)
Witches Coven (GB)gr1989Sharrood (USA)Tricky (GB)Song (GB)
Yard Racer (AUS)br1992Myocard (NZ)Cracker (AUS)Blue and Gold (AUS)
Yellow Brass (AUS)ch1982Lord Dudley (AUS)Brass Lady (AUS)Boysie Boy (GB)
Yingchaiyoch1997With Approval (USA)Main Lady (CAN)No Louder (CAN)
Yord Darab1993Snippets (AUS)Yellow Brass (AUS)Lord Dudley (AUS)
Zediforce (AUS)ch1990Zeditave (AUS)Wings on Her Heels (AUS)Imperial Prince (IRE)
Zelenka (AUS) (raced in Malaysia as Wind of Change)b or br1988Habituate (IRE)Zelen Gora (AUS)Brahms (USA)
Ziggy's Pleasure (USA)b1990Ziggy's Boy (USA)Unpleasant (USA)Roberto (USA)
Favilla (IRE)b1991Shaadi (USA)Welcome Addition (GB)Habitat (USA)
Red Merce dees (USA)ch1990Irish River (FR)Land of the Brave (USA)Coastal (USA)
Advanture Pass (USA)b2006Forestry (USA)Macupoftea (USA)WilliamStrom (USA)
Air De Cat (AUS)br2006Catbiro (AUS)Annunki (AUS)Air De France (USA)
Aliado (CAN)b2002EL. Prado (USA)Alison Sez (USA)Afleet (CAN)
Alpha Amazon (CAN)b2002Wild Rush (USA)Unbridled Woman (USA)Unbridled (USA)
Alyvia (USA)b2000Alydeed (CAN)Ima Rabbit (USA)Seeking The Gold (USA)
Amor De Rey (AUS)ch2005Dubai Destination (USA)Poet’s Best (AUS)Our Project (AUS)
Archayodrak (อาชายอดรัก) (THA)ch2007Yield No Ground (USA)Shecandoitall (USA)Apalachee (USA)
Arctic Laur (CAN)b2003Bold Executive (CAN)Griator (CAN)Great Gladitor (CAN)
Ariela (USA)b1995Mountain Cat (USA)Bundler (USA)Raise Native (USA)
Ashey’s Corw (USA)b2004Danzig (USA)Bubbly On Ice (USA)Marfa (USA)
Avy Baby (USA)br2007Eurosilver (USA)Sweetascake (USA)Majestic Light (USA)
Awesome For Sure (USA)ch2000Awesome Again (CAN)Woodsy Meadow (USA)Meadowlake (USA)
Baby (THA)ch2007Line in The Sand (USA)Bayou (USA)Procol Harum (NZ)
Baby Gray (USA)gr2003Precise End (USA)Radon Dancer (USA)Robyn (USA)
Baja Morning (USA)br2005Forestry (USA)Confiding Winner (USA)Confide (USA)
Ballistic Babe (USA)b1999Bates Motel (USA)Brazen Lady (USA)Sir Jinsky (USA)
Be Sure Is True (บีชัวร์อิสทรู) (THA)br2008Saarland (USA)Miss Short Story (USA)Mr. Greeley (USA)
Big Mo (THA)b2009Lenwingrad (USA)No Joke (USA)Crown Jester (AUS)
Blue Angle (THA)b2008Big Blow (GB)Alymarche (USA)Turhoman (USA)
Brickly Bear (USA)br2002Chagall (GB)Frisco Girl (GER)Astico (GER)
Burkina Faso (USA)b1998Mystery Storm (USA)Saratoga Sweetie (USA)General Assembly (USA)
Burning Up (AUS)ch2005Giant’s Causeway (USA)Ultimate Fever (AUS)Storm Cat (USA)
By Invitation Only (AUS)b1998Faar Brick (USA)Royal Scoop (USA)At Talag (USA)
C.J. Little Lady (USA)br2002Holy Bull (USA)Artistie (USA)Pirate’s Bounty (USA)
Cagely Lass (AUS)ch2006Canny Lad (AUS)Our Red starRed Tony (IRE)
Cardinorahclaryana (USA)b2006Forest WildcatScapade (USA)Skip Trial (USA)
Cassills Takeover (AUS)ch2001DR Fong (USA)Apalachian Affair (CAN)Apalachee (USA)
Catie Duchess (เคธี่ดัชเชส) (THA)b2010Captain Thunder (USA)Java Bar (USA)Bertrando (USA)
Cavatina (คาวาติน่า) (THA)b2007Mambo Lad (USA)Eleganza (USA)Cox’s Ridge (USA)
Charismatic Cure (USA)ch2002Charismatic (USA)Blue Tap Shoes (USA)CureThe Blues (USA)
Cheetah (THA)b2006Mambo Lad (USA)Christybaba (USA)El Baba (USA)
Cindarullah (USA)b2001Incurable Optimist (USA)Wears Makeup (USA)Manastash Ridge (USA)
Clear Imagine (USA)gr2007Southern Image (USA)Cloud’s Ambre (USA)Two Punch (USA)
Cloud of Unknowing (USA)b2005Orientale (USA)Spanish Storm (USA)Lightning Leap(USA)
Contessenistelrooy(USA)ch2005Van Nistelrooy(USA)Countess Marg (USA)Marquetny (USA)
Colcannon (USA)b2006Successful Appeal (USA)Foxy Coxy (USA)Deputy Minister (CAN)
Corondo Rose (USA)b2000Corondo’s Quest (USA)La Rosa (USA)Wild Again (USA)
Countessnistelrooy (USA)ch2005Van Nistelrooy (USA)Countess Marg (USA)Marquetry (USA)
Cruzen With The Star (USA)b2000Strike Gold (USA)Cruzen Star (USA)Pia Star (USA)
Dancing Queen (THA)b2007Yield No Ground (USA)Sonthirat (THA) สนธิรัตน์Far out Fast (USA)
Danish Love Match (AUS)br2007Danehill (IRE)Set and Match (NZ)Centaine (AUS)
Dargon Lilly (USA)b2007Ghost Zapper (USA)Classy Cara (USA)General Meeting (USA)
Dearly Hill (เดียร์ลี่ฮิลล์) (THA)b2002Benji Storm (USA)Track Spy (USA)Biscanong (AUS)
Dee Dee’s Princess (USA)b2002Cryptoclearance(USA)Donna Laude (USA)Pleasant Colony (USA)
Desert Sunrise (USA)gr2004Came Home (USA)Good moring Smile (USA)Morning Bob (USA)
Driving Miss Helen (USA)ch2002Flying Continental (USA)Petite Maid (USA)Quack (USA)
Dolly Dynamite (USA)b2000Lite The Fuse (USA)Crafty Siren (USA)Crafty Prospector (USA)
Down Under Thunder (AUS)b2006Pins (AUS)Queen Of Thunder (AUS)Thunder Guleh (USA)
Dwoung Moragote (ดวงมรกต) (THA)b2003Southern Rhythm (USA)Mc Mahan (USA)Kirtling (IRE)
Dwoung Noa Dwoung (ดวงหนอดวง) (THA)b2004Mambo Lad (USA)Canard (USA)Danzig Connection (USA)
Earth Angle (เอิร์ธแองเจิ้ล) (THA)b2005Show a Heart (AUS)Dunlavin Miss (USA)Danchill (USA)
Eljayce (USA)br2006Woodman (USA)Cape Fire (USA)Relaunch (USA)
Ella F. (USA)b2001Honour and Glory (USA)Melancholy Blues (USA)Cure the Blues (USA)
Emirate (USA)b2003Marquetry (USA)Jaminola (FR)Seattle Dancer (USA)
Energy Rush (USA)b2001Cananeral (USA)Personal (USA)Personal Flag (USA)
Enjoy The Afternoon (USA)b2002Afternoon Delites (USA)Enjoy The Vien (USA)L’Enjoleur (USA)
False (AUS)b1999Canny Lad (AUS)Faking IT (NZ)Sir Tristram (NZ)
Final Play (USA)b2005Grand Slam (USA)Unsurpassed (USA)Unbridled (USA)
First Class (THA)ch2006Devil His Due (USA)Golden Commodity (USA)Dispersal (USA)
Flashlight (AUS)br2005Commands (AUS)Bonne Bouche (AUS)Imperial Baron (AUS)
Flota (USA)b2002Norther Afleet (USA)Miss Tanya (CAN)Coastal (USA)
Frantric Frances (USA)ch1994Henbane (USA)Sweet On Frisky (USA)Medieval Man (USA)
Foxtell (ฟอกซ์เทล) (THA)b2005Derest Prince (IRE)Peace (NZ)Sir Tristram (IRE)
Full Sister (CAN)b2002Langfuhr (CAN)Kathie E Colleen (CAN)Woodman (USA)
Gailpickedthisone (USA)b2000Subordintion (USA)Hawaian Bold (USA)Hawaii (SAF)
Galactica (USA)b2006Menifee (USA)Starlore (USA)Stectacular Bid (USA)
Grand Storm (USA)b2001Grand Slam (USA)Savannah’s Honor (USA)Storm Bird (CAN)
Golden Given (USA)ch2003Point Given (USA)Golden Bri (USA)Gold Alert (USA)
Golden Playgirl (USA)ch2003Tiger Ridge (USA)Golden Spell (USA)Private Account (USA)
Golden Possum (USA)b2004Quiet American (USA)Bold Answer (USA)Dynaformer (USA)
Golden Reputashn (USA)b2000Formal Gold (CAN)Tarnished Gold (USA)Cabrini green (USA)
Golden Slipper (THA)br2006Bianconi (USA)True Ripper (AUS)Brief Truce (USA)
Good For Grace (USA)b2004Good and tough (USA)Gracefull Leigh (USA)Clever Trick (USA)
Grassy Strip (USA)b2002Comic Strip (USA)Sawgrass Express (USA)Roman Diplomat (USA)
Halloween (ฮาโลวีน) (THA)ch2009Yield No Ground (USA)Swan Hill Magic (AUS)Ashkalani (IRE)
Harlan’s Calico (USA)b2005Harlan’s Holiday (USA)Callie Alexandra (USA)Private Terms (USA)
High Perform (THA)b2005Reenact (AUS)Hate To Lose (AUS)Best Western (AUS)
I Sing (USA)ch2004Lasting Approral (USA)Must Sing (USA)Seattle Song(USA)
Indian Star (THA)b2008Yield No Ground (USA)Crow’s Shadow (USA)Numerrous (USA)
Into My Dream (USA)b2005Vindication (USA)J J’s Dream (USA)Glitterman (USA)
Imalilwildchild (USA)br2007Hennessy (USA)Lil Cozette (USA)Kris S. (USA)
Isallaboutamanda (USA)b2003Thunder Gulch (USA)Nonies Dancer Ali (USA)Danzator (CAN)
Jankapor (จันทร์กกะพ้อ) (THA)b2002Tested (USA)Dolar’s Gold (USA)Strike Gold (USA)
Java Bar (USA)b2002Bertrando (USA)Barista (USA)Pirate’s Bounty (USA)
Jennifer Rose (USA)ch2001Hennessy (USA)Miss Jennifer Lynh (USA)Prado (IRE)
Jessica (USA)ch2001Doc’s Leader (USA)Channa (USA)Vanlandingham (USA)
Julie’s Touch (USA)b2004Touch Gold (USA)Julie Mis (USA)Miswaki (USA)
Julie’s Twelve (จูลายทะเวลฟ) (THA)b2008Higher and Higher (USA)Higher (USA)Leech Maid (NZ)
Karida (AUS)b2004Xaar (GB)Mikenbaldy (NZ)Classic Fame (USA)
Kasawan (กษวรรณ) (THA)b2006Mendelssohn (USA)Kailash DeviAnjiz (USA)
Kasama (กษมา) (THA)b2000Most Welcome out of Sweet Jaffa (GB)Sweet Jaffa (GB)Never so Bold (GB)
Kebtok (เก็บตก) (THA)ch2010Scatmandu (USA)Ekaysee (AUS)Racer’s Edge (AUS)
Khun Sirada (คุณศิรดา) (THA)b2006Dash for Cash (AUS)Reporter (AUS)Lake Coniston (IRE)
Kim Lady (AUS)b1998Victory Drive (USA)Kim Princess (NZ)Sir Vigilante (NZ)
Kim’s Pick (USA)b1999Irgun (USA)Finance Charge (USA)Pretense (USA)
Kratae Thong (กระแตทอง) (THA)ch2010Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)Lady Libertine (AUS)Tuscany Flyes (AUS)
Kuruga (USA)ch2000Coronado’s Quest (USA)Added Gold (USA)Gilded Time (USA)
Kwanjai Chaiyo (ขวัญใจ ไชโย) (THA)b1997Prized (USA)Intimacy (USA)Al Nasr (FR)
Lady Kaka (เลดี้กาก้า) (THA)b2008Captain Thunder (USA)Talks a lot (USA)Bertrando (USA)
Lady Lauries Snow (USA)b2007Afeet Alex (USA)Roused (USA)Saint Ballado
Lady Rosebud (USA)b2008Ghostzapper (USA)Stunning Rose (IRE)Saddler’s Well (USA)
Lady Southern (THA)Br2005Sputhren Rhythm (USA)Mc Mahan (USA)by Kirtling (IRE)
Ladies World (USA)b2002Spining World (USA)Ladies Party (USA)Seattle Slew (USA)
Lakkana (ลัคนา) (THA)br2003Gooflik (USA)The Muscle (GB)
Lake Of The Woods (USA)b2000Woodman (USA)Crystal Lake (TRE)Shirley heights (GB)
Leart Loy (เลิศลอย) (THA)b2009Silent Name (JPN)Last Dollar (USA)Prenup (USA)
Legs O’Neal (USA)b2000Nelson (USA)Carenage (USA)Bold Ruckus (USA)
Lick the Spoon (USA)b2003Lycius (USA)Nicky Soup (USA)Timefor a Chang (USA)
Liquid Delight (USA)b2002Afternoon Deelits (USA)Strom Award (USA)Strom Bird (CAN)
Lisa (THA)ch2007Line in The Sand (USA)Forlisa (USA)Thunder Gulch (USA)
Lone Some Hill (USA)b2003Red Ransom (USA)Kendall Hill (USA)Theatrical (IRE)
Love Lace (USA)b2006Red Bullet (USA)Hourof Justice (USA)Lit de Justice (USA)
Lu Lu Capaese (USA)b2005Luhuk (USA)Penne Ala Capaese (USA)Unbridled (USA)
Luna Charm (JPN)b2005Scatter the Gold (CAN)Bay Bloom (JPN)Northern Dictator (USA)
Lucky Mistress (USA)ch2002Best of Luck (USA)General’s Mistress (USA)General Meeting (USA)
Lucky Tomoli (USA)ch2002Lucky Lionel (USA)Tomoza (USA)Hold Your Peace (USA)
Lucky You (THA)b2003Langtuhr(CAN)Flotanga (AUS)Flotilla (AUS)
Maggiessct (USA)ch2004Regent Act (CAN)Maggie Siddons (GB)Night Shift (USA)
Make Me Proud (THA)ch2003Swiss Yodeler (USA)Musical Island (USA)Sefapiano (USA)
Mameechok (ม้ามีโชค) (THA)br2003Cold Calculating (USA)Miss Bonnat Sweep (USA)Bonnat Ehrie (USA)
Mamongkol (ม้ามงคล) (THA)ch2006Yield No Ground (USA)Miss Bonnat Sweep (USA)End Sweep (USA)
Mapache(USA)b1998Mutakddim(USA)Valid Pache(USA)Valid Appeal (USA)
Mary’s Song (USA)br2006Unbridled’s song (USA)Mary (USA)Cat Thief (USA)
Matawan (USA)b2003Old Trieste (USA)Lacquaria(USA)Bertando(USA)
Mattea (USA)b2007Maria’s Mon (USA)Tafcar (USA)Forestry (USA)
Meeyot (มียศ) (THA)b2008Incase (USA)Rancho Auro (AUS)Rancher (AUS)
Mercury (เมอร์คิวรี่) (THA)b2008Captain Thunder (USA)Wild Fun (USA)Wild Again (USA)
Mi Lady (THA)b2001Brave Salute (AUS)Dixie Belle (AUS)Lord Seymour (IRE)
Mild Comeback (THA)b2006Hickman Creek (USA)Zaby’s Lady (AUS)Zabaleta (USA)
Mirado (มิราโด้) (THA)b2001Mambo Lad (USA)Aliado (CAN)El Prado (IRE)
Mis Icy Lady (USA)b2006San Nicolas (USA)Vera Icy Lady (USA)I am The Iceman (USA)
Miss Adelaide (CAN)b2002Miesque’s Son (USA)Timtaburra (CAN)Bold Agent (CAN)
Miss Short Story (USA)ch2002Mr. Greeley (USA)Hastys Book (USA)Mari’s Book (USA)
Missguided Angle (USA)ch2003Distant View (USA)The Great Flora (USA)Unaccounted For (USA)
Mongkol Sam Say (มงคลสามสาย) (THA)b2006Big Blow (GB)Orient Lady (โอเรียนเลดี้) (THA)Brave Salute (AUS)
More Caviar (USA)b2005Maria’s Mon (USA)Royal Beluga (USA)Soviet Star (USA)
Morning Glory (USA)b2007Medllist (USA)Griselle (USA)Fying Continental (USA)
My Cielo (USA)b2003Capote (USA)Sky Defender (USA)Conquistador Cielo (USA)
My Hidden Strom (USA)ch2001Strom Bot (USA)My Lra (USA)Whitesburg (USA)
My Perfect Patti (USA)b2003Lear Fan (USA)I’ll do it My Way (USA)Thunder Gulch (USA)
Mystic Vision (AUS)br2009Danzero (AUS)Bella Jewel (AUS)Rory’s Jester (AUS)
Nana (THA)b2006Halo Home Wrecker (USA)Invitation Only (AUS)Fraar (USA)
Nantawan (นันทวรรณ) (THA)b2010Captain Thunder (USA)Yod Pak Chong (THA)
Nefertiti (NZ)b2005Rohy(USA)Cross Your Heart (USA)Miswaki(USA)
Nongrattiporn (น้องรัตติพร) (THA)b2006Hazzam(USA)Tricky Starlet (USA)Trick Fun (USA)
Nongpreaw (น้องแพรว) (THA)ch2008Yield No Ground (USA)Smilling Sky (USA)Shuailaan (USA)
No Arh (โนอาร์) (THA)b2009Mambo Lad (USA)Stop n Watch (USA)Bering (GB)
Nong Sindy (น้องซินดี้) (THA)b2007by Double North Sweep (AUS)Ktar Manee (THA)Louisana Slew (USA)
North East Gale (USA)b2006Tale of The Cat (USA)North East DancerFar North (CAN)
Odorono (AUS)b2001Dieu D’Dr (AUS)Starring Role (AUS)
Oh Mia My Oh (USA)gr2004Orientate (USA)Holy Mia (USA)Holly Bull (USA)
Oh So Glorious (USA)ch2005Volponi(USA)Gloorious Linda (FR)Le Glorieux (GB)
Our Trump (USA)b2001Northern No Trump (USA)Our Dilla(USA)Our Michael (USA)
Outlaw Angle (USA)br2005Iron Cat (USA)Call Form Heaven (USA)Phone Trick (USA)
Pacific Joy (AUS)b1996Zeditive (AUS)Miss Leica Dane (AUS)Kuwani (AUS)
Paix(USA)b2002King of King (IRE)Schaum’s Class (USA)Conquistador (USA)
Parsitruiy (พาสิทธิ์รวย) (THA)b2007Mendelssone (USA)Super Penny (GB)Superlative (IRE)
Patea (THA)b2010Yield No Ground (USA)Awan Hill Magic (AUS)Ashklani (IRE)
Pirate’s Melody (USA)b1992Prate’s Bounty (USA)Ballysone (USABurd Alane (USA)
Poplar lady (USA)ch2001Woodman (USA)Choose a Crown (USA)Ogygian (USA)
Potions Number Nine (THA)ch2006Line in The Sand (USA)Potions and Poems (AUS)Magic Ring (IRE)
Proud of Rosie (USA)gr2003EL. Prado (USA)Unreal Rose (USA)Unreal Zeal (USA)
Pure Ice (THA)br2009Holly Bull (USA)Miswaki Lady (USA)Miswaki (USA)
Pyrenees Jewel (AUS)br2003Scenic (IRE)French Treasure (USA)Miswaki (USA)
Quick Advice (USA)b2001Caller I.D. (USA)Fair Avice(USA)Cozzene(USA)
Quite Lovely (USA)ch2000Not For Loue (USA)Quite Amazing (USA)Bear Hunt (USA)
Random Thought (AUS)b2004Shrewdy(AUS)Lady of Jazz (NZ)Grosvenor (NZ)
Rashly (USA)b2003Wild Again (USA)Rash (USA)Miswaki (USA)
Razzle Dezzle (AUS)ch2004Rhythm (USA)Comomader (AUS)Ostensible (USA)
Rose City Flyer (USA)b2006Michael’s Flyer (USA)Desert Rose (USA)Native Reportor (USA)
Rose of Versailles (AUS)b2004King Charmlemagne (USA)Palace Music (USA)
Roxanne’s Dancer (USA)b2002Cryptoclearnce (USA)Prainie City (USA)Carson City (USA)
Royal Eve (USA)b2002Royal Academy (USA)Goodeve (USA)Pleasant Colony (USA)
Rubiline (AUS)b1999Rubiton (AUS)Key Rhythm (AUS)Key Dancer (NZ)
Run All Day (USA)b2006War Chant (USA)LaRonge (USA)Rahy (USA)
Runnel (USA)ch2003Polish Numbers (USA)Tippecanoe creek (USA)Olympio (USA)
Sanfran (JPN)b2002Forty Niner (USA)Trafalgar Lady (USA)Fairy King (USA)
Sasilada(ศศิลดา) (THA)b2005Mendelssohn (USA)Catalina (THA)King Marauding (AUS)
Savanah Cat (USA)b2005Tactical Cat (USA)My My West (USA)Gone West (USA)
Secret Chick (USA)b2002Secret Hellow(USA)Chic Broao(USA)Broad Brush (USA)
Secret Road (USA)b2003by Kingmambo (USA)Sewickley Heights (USA)Pleasant Colony (USA)
Shadow Skills (USA)ch2006Five Star Day (USA)Shadow of Mine (USA)Belong to Me (USA)
Showbird (USA)b2001Siphon (BRZ)Hero’s Love (USA)Hero’s Honor (USA)
Siam Pearl (THA)gr2007Diatribe (AUS)Fuji Flash (AUS)Fuji Kiseki (JPN)
Silaporn (ศิลาพร) (THA)b2007Antranig out of Mujada (THA)Perceive Arrogance (USA)
Silent Justice (USA)b2004Elusing Quality (USA)Noren’s nemesis (USA)King Emperor (USA)
Silver Again (USA)b2003Silver Hawk (USA)Senora Tiara (USA)Chief’s Crown (USA)
Singing Cat (CAN)ch2004Strom Boot (USA)Oogalah (USA)Rahy (USA)
Sister Flag (USA)ch2001Defrene (USA)Native Banner (USA)Raise a Native (USA)
Silver Dawn (USA)b2002Silver Charm (USA)Valid Dedution (USA)Bet Big (USA)
Silver Thunder (THA)gr2007Najran (USA)Awesome Again (CAN)
Skeptical (USA)b2007Touch Glod(USA)All that’s True (USA)El Prado (IRE)
Skinny Dip (USA)b2005Cactus Ridge (USA)Up Dip (USA)Kerosene (USA)
Sky Hight Wonder (USA)b2003Skywalker (USA)Rapid Raja (USA)Darby Creek Road (USA)
Slewska (USA)b2000Seattle Slew (USA)Nakiska Wind (USA)Lyphard (USA)
Smarty Smithette (USA)br2003Forest Gamp (USA)Minny Gunn (USA)Diesis (GB)
Snow Queen (CAN)gr2001Parade Ground (USA)Princess of Winter (CAN)Master Derby (USA)
Soabanped (สาวบ้านเป็ด) (THA)b2005Membo Lad (USA)Wadaz (USA)Trempolino (USA)
Social Editor (USA)b1999Editor’s Note (USA)Silver Mike (USA)Voice Regent (CAN)
Southern Sound (USA)b1996Dixieland Band (USA)Querida (IRE)Habitat (USA)
Splash of Vanilla (USA)gr2007BalladoChieftan (USA)Maid of Gold TBGuaranteed Gold (USA)
Spring Feeling (CAN)gr2002Wekiva Springs (USA)Saturday Feeling (USA)Green Dancer (USA)
Star Angle (THA)b2005Disco (USA)Super Dang (ซูปเปอร์แดง) (THA)Cyrano de Bergeracc (IRE)
Star Liberty (THA)ch2005Disco (USA)Toffee (CAN)Barbeau (CAN)
Star of Sequalo (AUS)br2000Sequalo (AUS)Pemway Star (AUS)Another Rule (NZ)
Star of War (USA)b2006Covee (USA)Miss Awesome (USA)Awesome Again (CAN)
Star Treatment (USA)b2001Event Of The Years (USA)Paper Princess (USA)Flying Paster(USA)
Stark’s Legacy (USA)b2006Vicar (USA)Stark’s Promise (USA)Graustark (USA)
Startle Us (USA)br2003Exploit (USA)Katilac of The Stars (GB)Kabwice (USA)
Stylish Sultana (USA)b2002Sundance Ridge (USA)Sultan’s Hight (USA)Southern Sultan (USA)
Sujanthra (สุจันทรา) (THA)b2005Mambo Lad (USA)Pornpaya (THA) (พรพญา)Septieme Ciel (USA)
Sure Can Pure (USA)gr2002Tale of The Cat (USA)Silver Chele (USA)Cahill Road (USA)
Susie Says (USA)ch2006Sky Mesa (USA)Susie Ticket (USA)Housebuster(USA)
Suwannahong (สุวรรณหงส์) (THA)ch2000Hazzam (USA)Chengwab(เช้งวับ) (THA)Buckley Boy (USA)
Swanky Girl (USA)gr2007EL. Prado (IRE)Real Rose (USA)Skip Tail (USA)
Sweet Dynamitc (USA)br2003Life The Fuse (USA)Bee’n Honey (CAN)Geiger Counter (USA)
Sweet Inspiration (AUS)gr2005Flying Spur (AUS)Royal Academy (USA)Royal Academy (USA)
Sweet Smoke (USA)br2002Smoke Glacken(USA)Portio (USA)Riva Ridge (USA)
Syrup (USA)ch2005Forestry (USA)Desiraes My Candy (USA)Candy Stripes (USA)
Takila (ตากิล่า) (THA)b2006Mambo Lad (USA)Stop N Watch (USA)Bering (GB)
Tamsabuy (ตามสบาย) (THA)b2003Buckley Boy (USA)Dolly’s Quacker (USA)Quack (USA)
Tellmenow(THA)ch2004Twining (USA)Sweet Baby (AUS)Shagny (USA)
Thansayam (ธารสยาม) (THA)b2007Storm Commander (USA)Hills And Star (USA)Graustark (USA)
Thunyamon (ธัญยมนต์) (THA)b2009Single Tary (USA)Celtic Duchess (USA)Summer Squall (USA)
The Fur Flew (USA)b2002Slew City Slew (USA)Siberian (USA)Siberian Express (USA)
The Lucky Cawboy (USA)b2008America’s Strom (USA)Bold List (USA)Bold Badagett (USA)
Timeless Tales (USA)ch1998River Special (USA)Somebody Dear (USA)Seattle Slew (USA)
Time Zone (AUS)ch2002Gilded Time (USA)New Pine (USA)Pine Bluff (USA)
Torana(USA)b1999Gulch (USA)Princess (USA)Capote (USA)
Touch Me Easy (USA)b2004Touch Gold (USA)Noble Robyn (USA)Skip Trial (USA)
Towadoka (NZ)b2004Jungle Pocket (JPN)Aswillow (CAN)Alwasmi (USA)
Traditional Wisdom (USA)b2002Bertrando(USA)Sound Wisdom (USA)Prirate’s Bounty (USA)
Tifth of June (ทิฟท์ออฟจูน) (THA)ch2009Captain Thunder (USA)Mupache (USA)Mutakdim (USA)
True Argument (USA)ch2003Yes It’s True (USA)Mrs. Greeley (USA)Mr. Greeley (USA)
True Gold (USA)b2001Cozzene (USA)Morning Whispers (USA)Fortunate Prospect (USA)
Up The Avenue (USA)br2002Iron Cat (USA)Call Form Heaven (USA)Phone Trick (USA)
Urakawa Rose (JPN)ch2008Stavinsky(USA)Isami Mannish (JPN)Bubble Gum Fellow (JPN)
Valdoura’s Truckee (USA)b2008Truckee (USA)Valdoura (FR)Valanour (IRE)
Victory Affair (USA)b1997Flying Victor (USA)Black Tie Dance (USA)
Velvet Melody (USA)ch2000Western Fame (USA)Carrumba (USA)Carr De Neskra (USA)
Wang Masuk (AUS)br2004Lion (AUS)Lover’s Flame (AUS)Blazing Saddles (AUS)
Water Place (USA)ch2000Bertrando (USA)Loop To Loop (USA)Miswaki (USA)
Weerasuda (วีระสุดา) (THA)b2006Pure Theatre (AUS)Brush (AUS)Quest or Fame (GB)
Welcome Home (THA)b2005Hazaam (USA)Moss DancerTwing Moss (GR)
Whiff (USA)b2006Smart Strike (CAN)Zip (USA)Danzing (USA)
White Angel (USA)gr2004El Prado (IRE)Bel Serenta (CAN)Southern Halo (USA)
White Satin (ไวท์ซาติน) (THA)b2009Value Plus (USA)World on Fire (USA)by Strom Creek (USA)
Wildcat Beauty (USA)b2003Forest Wildcat (USA)Stalcreek (USA)Stalwant (USA)
Wildcat O’ Malley (USA)b2001Forest Wildcat (USA)Malley (USA)Deputy Minister (CAN)
Wildout (USA)b2003Wild Escapade (USA)Just Out (USA)Forty Niner (USA)
William Berg (วิลเลียมเบิร์ก) (THA)b2000Disco (USA)Bargain Galore (USA)Cryptoclearance (USA)
Win Win Win (วินวินวิน) (THA)ch1999Buckley Boy (USA)Electro Flying (USA)Time Tested (USA)
Wings of Grace (USA)b2007North Light (IRE)Dolly Dynamite (USA)LiteThe Fuse (USA)
Witch Approval (USA)gr2000With Approval (CAN)Jewel Coast (USA)Fappiano (USA)
Woo (AUS)ch2002Peinter Celbre (USA)Matchamaking (USA)Matchamaking (USA)
Woody’s Gold (AUS)ch2000Woodman (USA)Zdenka (USA)Western Syphony (USA)
Zitlaly (USA)b2001Emancipator (USA)Stalwartly Miss (USA)Stalwart (USA)
Zodiac Nation (USA)b2006Pure Prize (USA)Sister Spice (USA)Cryptoclearance (USA)